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Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Answer 'Burning Questions'
عدد المشاهدات 88 ألف2 أيام قبل
Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda Find Out Who's Ellen's Favorite
عدد المشاهدات 101 ألف2 أيام قبل
Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen Discuss Their First On-Screen Kiss
عدد المشاهدات 82 ألف2 أيام قبل
Join Jane Fonda in the Movement to Bring Awareness to the Climate Crisis
عدد المشاهدات 30 ألف2 أيام قبل
Guest Hosts Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Got Arrested
عدد المشاهدات 73 ألف2 أيام قبل
Phoebe Waller-Bridge Brushed Up Against a Lot of Stars at Golden Globes
عدد المشاهدات 59 ألف2 أيام قبل
Jamie Foxx Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’
عدد المشاهدات 248 ألف3 أيام قبل
Ellen Has a Lot of Questions in ‘Why? And How Come?'
عدد المشاهدات 58 ألف3 أيام قبل
Ellen Superfans Review New Ellen Shop Items
عدد المشاهدات 23 ألف3 أيام قبل
Chris Martin Nearly Embarrassed His Teen Daughter at Work
عدد المشاهدات 641 ألف4 أيام قبل
Coldplay Perform ‘Orphans’
عدد المشاهدات 67 ألف3 أيام قبل
Ellen Meets Teen Who Paid It Forward After Getting Wisdom Teeth Out
عدد المشاهدات 683 ألف3 أيام قبل
The Unexpected ‘The Bachelor’ Cameo During ‘Champagne-gate’
عدد المشاهدات 40 ألف3 أيام قبل
Aubrey Plaza Was in the Jonas Brothers’ Entourage for One Night
عدد المشاهدات 628 ألف3 أيام قبل
Aubrey Plaza Channels Jennifer Lopez on the Pole
عدد المشاهدات 1.3 مليون3 أيام قبل
Ellen Guesses If Audience Members Have the Right Moves in ‘Woah or No’
عدد المشاهدات 208 ألف4 أيام قبل
Ellen's Fan Pays It Forward - and Backwards - with Starbucks® Rewards
عدد المشاهدات 70 ألف4 أيام قبل
Ellen Meets Uber Driver and Her Generous Passenger
عدد المشاهدات 1.1 مليون4 أيام قبل
Coldplay’s Exclusive Performance of ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’
عدد المشاهدات 140 ألف4 أيام قبل
Chris Martin's Failed Idea for 'A Quiet Place'
عدد المشاهدات 319 ألف4 أيام قبل
The Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor Recap’: Poppin' Bottles
عدد المشاهدات 133 ألف4 أيام قبل
Contestants Get Dizzy in a New ‘Game of Games’ Episode
عدد المشاهدات 77 ألف5 أيام قبل
Rami Malek Thought He Was Being Pranked by a Fake Robert Downey Jr.
عدد المشاهدات 1.5 مليون5 أيام قبل Is the Black Tony Stark
عدد المشاهدات 214 ألف5 أيام قبل
Robert Downey Jr. Puts the Audience ‘On the Spot’!
عدد المشاهدات 177 ألف5 أيام قبل
Robert Downey Jr. Meets Young Fan Whose Life Was Changed by Iron Man
عدد المشاهدات 1.6 مليون5 أيام قبل
Ray Romano Answers Ellen's 'Burning Questions'
عدد المشاهدات 190 ألف8 أيام قبل
A Look at the Best Ellen Show Moments of the Decade
عدد المشاهدات 344 ألف8 أيام قبل
Steve Harvey Stopped Trying to Lose Weight
عدد المشاهدات 438 ألف8 أيام قبل
Steve Harvey's Son Exposed His Dad's Mustache Grooming Routine
عدد المشاهدات 3.1 مليون8 أيام قبل
Zoë Kravitz Is Training Hard for 'Catwoman'
عدد المشاهدات 691 ألف8 أيام قبل
Ellen's 4 Favorite Moments of the Decade!
عدد المشاهدات 1.1 مليون8 أيام قبل
The Future Is Looking Good
عدد المشاهدات 29 ألف8 أيام قبل
‘OMKalen’: Kalen Goes Skydiving
عدد المشاهدات 144 ألف8 أيام قبل
Average Andy Gets Naughty in This 2020 Calendar
عدد المشاهدات 223 ألف11 أيام قبل
Harry Styles Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’
عدد المشاهدات 3.6 مليون9 أيام قبل
A Peek into Ellen’s Secret Audience Conversations
عدد المشاهدات 132 ألف9 أيام قبل
Eugene and Dan Levy Give Life Advice to Fans
عدد المشاهدات 188 ألف9 أيام قبل
Holey ‘Schitt’s Creek’ - It’s Holey Roller!
عدد المشاهدات 71 ألف9 أيام قبل
Behind the Scenes: Andy Shows Ellen His Dance Moves
عدد المشاهدات 368 ألف10 أيام قبل
Liv Tyler's Grandma and Kids Correct Her Etiquette and Vocabulary
عدد المشاهدات 437 ألف10 أيام قبل
Dua Lipa Gets Life Advice in ‘Speak the Lyrics’
عدد المشاهدات 1 مليون10 أيام قبل
Win a VIP Seat in the Starbucks® Rewards Skybox!
عدد المشاهدات 71 ألف10 أيام قبل
Dua Lipa Gets the Crowd Dancing with ‘Don’t Start Now’
عدد المشاهدات 2 مليون10 أيام قبل
Jamie Foxx Reveals His Deeply Personal Connection to 'Just Mercy''
عدد المشاهدات 406 ألف10 أيام قبل
Is Jamie Foxx Going on a Standup Comedy Tour with Eddie Murphy?
عدد المشاهدات 304 ألف10 أيام قبل
Behind the Scenes: Jamie Foxx Entertains the Crowd During a Commercial Break
عدد المشاهدات 262 ألف10 أيام قبل
Ellen Attempts to Guess Audience Members’ Jobs
عدد المشاهدات 1.2 مليون10 أيام قبل
Jamie Foxx Shares His Hilarious Fitness Goals for 2020
عدد المشاهدات 866 ألف10 أيام قبل
Charlize Theron Gets a Surprise Visit from Michael B. Jordan
عدد المشاهدات 3.9 مليون11 أيام قبل
Rex Orange County Lights Up the Stage with ‘Face to Face’
عدد المشاهدات 84 ألف11 أيام قبل
A Big Donation from United Airlines to Ellen’s Australia Relief Fund
عدد المشاهدات 60 ألف11 أيام قبل
Charlize Theron on the Feminist Movement at FOX News
عدد المشاهدات 230 ألف11 أيام قبل
Ellen’s Simple Parking Lot Hack
عدد المشاهدات 120 ألف11 أيام قبل
Digital Exclusive: Rex Orange County Performs ‘Loving Is Easy’
عدد المشاهدات 181 ألف11 أيام قبل
Michael B. Jordan Admits More Than He Wanted to About His High School Prom Date
عدد المشاهدات 1.6 مليون11 أيام قبل
Beyoncé & Jay-Z Left Kate McKinnon Speechless at the Golden Globes
عدد المشاهدات 4 مليون12 أيام قبل
The Ellen Staff’s 'Bachelor' Recap: Peter’s Flight Has Taken Off!
عدد المشاهدات 171 ألف11 أيام قبل
The Golden Globes Honor Ellen’s Incredible Career
عدد المشاهدات 398 ألف12 أيام قبل
How to Help Those Affected by the Australia Fires
عدد المشاهدات 135 ألف12 أيام قبل
Kate McKinnon Praises Margot Robbie's 'Bombshell' Double Duty
عدد المشاهدات 568 ألف12 أيام قبل
Ellen Reflects on Her Big Night at the Golden Globes
عدد المشاهدات 1.4 مليون12 أيام قبل
O'Shea Jackson Jr.'s Wild Meeting with Jamie Foxx in a Gucci Store
عدد المشاهدات 338 ألف12 أيام قبل
Dua Lipa Speaks the Lyrics in World Market
عدد المشاهدات 4.1 مليون16 أيام قبل
Awkwafina's Grandma Walked Out During Her Movie
عدد المشاهدات 2 مليون16 أيام قبل
Win $10,000 by Watching Season 3 of 'Game of Games'!
عدد المشاهدات 47 ألف16 أيام قبل
Dancing Dutch Sisters Perform Incredible Routine
عدد المشاهدات 332 ألف16 أيام قبل
Ellen Gives Her Audience Resolution Advice for 2020
عدد المشاهدات 364 ألف16 أيام قبل
Is Mario Lopez Bringing Back the Mullet for the 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot?
عدد المشاهدات 124 ألف16 أيام قبل
'The Bachelor' Stars in 'Ellen’s Booth of Internet Wonders'
عدد المشاهدات 252 ألفأشهر قبل
‘OMKalen’: Friends Wish Kalen a Happy Birthday
عدد المشاهدات 79 ألفأشهر قبل
The Try Guys Can’t Agree on How Dogs Should Wear Pants
عدد المشاهدات 335 ألفأشهر قبل
‘OMKalen’: Kalen Rewind 2019
عدد المشاهدات 168 ألفأشهر قبل
Jingle Bell Rock
عدد المشاهدات 159 ألفأشهر قبل
A Look Back at Ellen’s Best Moments from 2019
عدد المشاهدات 485 ألف29 أيام قبل
It's a Holiday Miracle with This Unprecedented Game of Holey Roller!
عدد المشاهدات 107 ألف29 أيام قبل
Ellie Kemper Isn’t Falling for Ellen’s Scares
عدد المشاهدات 537 ألف29 أيام قبل
Adam Sandler Played Idina Menzel’s Music on the ‘Uncut Gems’ Set
عدد المشاهدات 133 ألف29 أيام قبل
'Riverdale' Star KJ Apa Gets Hot Answering Ellen’s 'Burning Questions'
عدد المشاهدات 612 ألفأشهر قبل
All Decked Out
عدد المشاهدات 44 ألفأشهر قبل
Gettin’ Tricky With It
عدد المشاهدات 32 ألفأشهر قبل
Shin Lim Shocks Ellen with a Magic Trick Proving Their Similarities
عدد المشاهدات 2.7 مليون29 أيام قبل
Shin Lim Wows Henry Winkler and Ellen: Extended Cut
عدد المشاهدات 767 ألفأشهر قبل
Henry Winkler Writes Fan Letters to Celebrities
عدد المشاهدات 79 ألفأشهر قبل
Ellen Has Questions About '5-Minute Crafts'
عدد المشاهدات 438 ألفأشهر قبل
What Would Average Andy Do for a Klondike Bar?
عدد المشاهدات 192 ألفأشهر قبل
Henry Winkler's Celebrity Knowledge Tested in 'Who Dat?'
عدد المشاهدات 151 ألفأشهر قبل
Rhea Butcher's Funny Standup Routine!
عدد المشاهدات 77 ألفأشهر قبل


  • Bryce Matthews
    Bryce Matthews 43 دقائق قبل

    What else can he groom his nut hair

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin 45 دقائق قبل

    Hobbs & Shaw Are join the chat: MY MAN!

  • {[potatotheo]} we living the pleb life

    If I was there I would ask for a hug and pictures

  • Cool sv
    Cool sv 50 دقائق قبل

    Now I got it, Ellen is Iron man.

  • S.A
    S.A 50 دقائق قبل

    📎💌 This comment is a metaphorical group hug for all the ladies out there with Daddy Issues (like myself) who also cried watching this, Don't worry! you're going to give your future daughter a sweet sweeeet sweeet daddy like this gentleman! 🤗❣️❣️

  • Kal Kofl
    Kal Kofl 51 دقائق قبل

    1:19 I heard a girl scream 1:25 So this is my suspect, blonde in pink cardigan, she do like to scream every couple of seconds

  • Tots Escobar
    Tots Escobar 51 دقائق قبل

    I love Aubrey Plaza. Shes incredible

  • RealBuilds
    RealBuilds 52 دقائق قبل

    am i the only one that understands every subliminal

  • Agniva Ghosh
    Agniva Ghosh 52 دقائق قبل

    What level of smartness does Ricky possess?

  • Desat Desssa
    Desat Desssa 58 دقائق قبل

    Ellen. Create more stuffs for the betterment of humanity and the world please.

  • Hyni Lucman
    Hyni Lucman 58 دقائق قبل


    •SARA• SØMETHING• 59 دقائق قبل

    35M people have seen this lol

  • Ahmad Zaki Abd Razak
    Ahmad Zaki Abd Razak ساعات قبل

    sharp as a knife 🔪 Jane

  • Armand Horta
    Armand Horta ساعات قبل

    "What do mean you're in a dark room grunting with my life?" Lol

  • Niels Smit
    Niels Smit ساعات قبل

    How is she 80

  • EmotionIce
    EmotionIce ساعات قبل

    The coca cola drinking pandas in the arctic

  • hydgurl77
    hydgurl77 ساعات قبل

    naaaah I need Ellen back

  • sudheer4ujanu
    sudheer4ujanu ساعات قبل

    That was so amazing

  • Kaasplankje5678
    Kaasplankje5678 ساعات قبل

    Ellen literally only smashes a tennis ball Crowd: cheering like she won wimbledon

  • mochi jimin is cute
    mochi jimin is cute ساعات قبل


  • Lorraine Gregg
    Lorraine Gregg ساعات قبل

    When I get enough money to buy my first home KB Homes is the way to go. And Wayfair gave some amazing furnishings.

  • *Here’s the Mfn tEa* -_-
    *Here’s the Mfn tEa* -_- ساعات قبل

    Is no one going to talk about his answer to “What are your 3 favourite body parts on a woman”?

  • Kath Santiiago
    Kath Santiiago ساعات قبل

    i love youuuu!!!😩💜💜💜

  • LM085
    LM085 ساعات قبل

    Australian here - I love this and I love Phoebe Waller-Bridge since Fleabag and Killing Eve ❤️🇦🇺

  • MilouLois
    MilouLois ساعات قبل

    everyone sees rami as freddie murcery or other characters i see him as josh from until dawn.

  • Jessica's vids de leon
    Jessica's vids de leon ساعات قبل

    At 1:18 I don't get it if you do comment it please🙏thxs

  • *Here’s the Mfn tEa* -_-
    *Here’s the Mfn tEa* -_- ساعات قبل

    “What are your 3 favourite body parts on a woman?” “Eyes.... smile.......... character” I laughed so loud 💀

  • Marcin K
    Marcin K ساعات قبل

    What kind of face replacement she has? Is this some kind of mask?

  • Hi
    Hi ساعات قبل

    Sophia was so arrogant

  • Faridah Nakayemba
    Faridah Nakayemba ساعات قبل

    I watch this video of Ellen and Obama giving the lito ones gifts l cried and cried

  • Sven Hooghiemster
    Sven Hooghiemster ساعات قبل

    Yves Anna is my favorite character from Frozen

  • Boo Yaah
    Boo Yaah ساعات قبل

    To have such personalities, would mean success.

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    Roz Morgan ساعات قبل

    enough of twitch he does the same dance all the time

  • Real talk with Zaya
    Real talk with Zaya ساعات قبل

    Watching this as she just announced the launching of her and Stormi’s collaboration 🥂

  • sushmita rai
    sushmita rai ساعات قبل

    Love you 😘 Ellen.

  • Mobin Al
    Mobin Al ساعات قبل

    They are really talented :/

  • QueenBRI
    QueenBRI ساعات قبل

    I love them 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed ساعات قبل

    It's the only hair I have🤣🤣🤣

  • Sashank Srinivasan
    Sashank Srinivasan ساعات قبل

    Love how ellen just slyly went, "you dont even have to go on thats enough right there" because i guess she knew what was the next part :P

  • Good Life
    Good Life ساعات قبل

    Where is Ellen

  • Lemmar Campbell
    Lemmar Campbell ساعات قبل

    Ellen's show is so PC it's nauseating 🤢 even with these two

  • Mohannad Yasser Awadalla Ali
    Mohannad Yasser Awadalla Ali ساعات قبل

    Who wants to have a mustache

  • Cademan Caden
    Cademan Caden ساعات قبل

    He was born in 1977, how would he be 12 in 1998? I guess it was sarcasm?

  • E W
    E W ساعات قبل


  • NeverMind
    NeverMind ساعات قبل

    The pairing you never knew you needed. 🤩

  • Radhika Malviya
    Radhika Malviya ساعات قبل

    Pengwings Penglings PENG...... wings.

  • Edith Nilsson
    Edith Nilsson ساعات قبل

    Black beans goes well with chocolate!😂

  • Gonzo HQ
    Gonzo HQ ساعات قبل


  • Faiisal
    Faiisal ساعات قبل

    That laugh Jane did at 4:03 reminded me of when she shoved J-lo's face in that cake in Monster in law 😆😂

  • Kim Wooker
    Kim Wooker ساعات قبل

    Man, all of them are so polite! >< They just said "wow, wow, wow" and not even "wth"

  • Evelyn Lobos
    Evelyn Lobos ساعات قبل

    so sad that your show will not be going on after this season...

  • MP4A1
    MP4A1 ساعات قبل

    Too easy

  • Pooter Head
    Pooter Head ساعات قبل

    Lol when he was thinking of the answer he did the cat meme face

  • Marty_S
    Marty_S ساعات قبل

    These women are amazing

  • Bang Jac
    Bang Jac ساعات قبل

    she is so funny! one of my favorite episodes, definitely.

  • zarahmaria
    zarahmaria ساعات قبل

    I could watch them answer these questions for hours 😂 i love them, they are the perfect duo

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment ساعات قبل

    *Me watching Tony's death on Endgame* *Also me in tears* I wanna scream, and shout, and let it all out

  • Z T
    Z T ساعات قبل

    Aww Chris is soooo kind. (1:56) He made the keyboard player sit when she tried to stand. Gotta love him ❤️

  • The Watcher On the Public Sidewalk

    Plaza and Murray, I would argue is comedy platinum.

  • Philippine Van den Berg
    Philippine Van den Berg ساعات قبل

    In the movie The Good Place Kirsten Bell is REALLY not good with children and she never wants to have children ever!

  • Wilhelmina Hewins
    Wilhelmina Hewins ساعات قبل

    I watched the lastest season in 2 days! Can't wait for season 7,they are the best together

  • AnisQiz
    AnisQiz ساعات قبل

    I love these two. Grace and Frankie inspires me, shows wonderfully positive image of what's possible in your 80s.

  • arrigamer
    arrigamer ساعات قبل

    Lizzo is such a boss 😂

  • JimmyJames
    JimmyJames ساعات قبل

    Its the only HAIR I have😂😂😂

  • Z T
    Z T ساعات قبل

    Best band today ❤️ I love them so much, super talented and super humble human beings.

    BIDHAN BISWAS ساعات قبل

    Ellen's confidence level 100000....

  • Shannon Swan
    Shannon Swan ساعات قبل

    Omg I love them more than words!!!!😩😩🥰😍

  • Milz Music
    Milz Music ساعات قبل

    Her laugh 😂 💕

  • Ernie Logvinov
    Ernie Logvinov ساعات قبل

    This man I want to watch on talk shows each week. Please

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    Al kbir Awi ساعات قبل

    All Egyptian come here

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    Makeba Zinkulfi ساعات قبل

    Who agrees that she looks like Kathy from friends?

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    JT Jt ساعات قبل

    Best guests she had.. ………. BEsT

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    Peace Always ساعات قبل

    It makes me cry,to remember that she can't see this anymore😒,but hopefully from heaven!!!!!

  • Lian McGuire
    Lian McGuire ساعات قبل

    Jaysus Saoirse, 4 cars on the road? it's clear you did your driving test in/have only driven up around Carlow. Next time take a spin around Dublin (even better do it at rush hour) and then try and tell that 4 car story to Americans again! At the very least spare them the nightmare if they come intending to hire a car thinking they'll spin around the place no problem!

  • Rania
    Rania ساعات قبل

    Still loving this in 2020.

  • Jerry Kitchens
    Jerry Kitchens ساعات قبل

    More propaganda Hanoi jane? We ain't forgot your treachery. Always betraying the American people.

    • Kymberly Ward
      Kymberly Ward ساعات قبل

      Jane Fonda HAS apologized repeatedly for her action and has meet with many veterans privately and apologized. She has also given a lot of money to veteran causes. She was young and dumb when that happened, I'm glad all my shortcomings in my youth aren't thrown back at me.

  • unapologetic leo
    unapologetic leo ساعات قبل

    All I heard was.. "bahdknsknskehdlnbrabksbkdmlakdknsldnfjk"🤣🤣

  • Bezawit Kibru
    Bezawit Kibru ساعات قبل

    Kris looks like Michael Jackson in this video

  • QwQLazy_ Fellisha:0
    QwQLazy_ Fellisha:0 ساعات قبل

    2020 anyone?

  • Zenasuki
    Zenasuki ساعات قبل

    What's the movie?

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    Moni Nanda ساعات قبل

    north resembles kanye sooooooooo much

  • marialima lima
    marialima lima ساعات قبل

    2020.... I'm here seeing this interview to remember how I began to love him😍 the most adorable kid and the most amazing man! I did the right Choice, I'm so proud to be a belieber ❤ God bless you Justin♥️

  • anne kennedy
    anne kennedy ساعات قبل

    a true canadian so polite and sweet but great prank i

  • rekotomo
    rekotomo ساعات قبل

    i thought that big numbers of the audience still not born when BSB are in the business .. :D

  • God Father
    God Father ساعات قبل


  • Dunya Salih
    Dunya Salih ساعات قبل

    Who feel his pain after he says its only the hair i have 🙁

    RICKY ساعات قبل

    My boy g eazy was puttin nuts in them guts 😏

  • Maha Raj
    Maha Raj ساعات قبل

    Love you Ellen...I'm from India❤️❤️❤️ Ya like the people's wish i wish you be a president

  • Hilda Kasoma
    Hilda Kasoma ساعات قبل

    wow am a kid of ten years and I want to train with both of them they are so cool

  • just somebody simple
    just somebody simple 2 ساعات قبل

    I love that Jane Fonda is trying to be a proper host, asks questions, reads the break intro and Lilly is just going in the flow and being herself. The duo = goals

  • h s
    h s 2 ساعات قبل

    :(( so cute

  • Deepshikha Tiwari
    Deepshikha Tiwari 2 ساعات قبل

    Ellen is a DIRECTIONER😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • lollobackis
    lollobackis 2 ساعات قبل

    They are hilarious 😂🤣

  • JFluci99
    JFluci99 2 ساعات قبل

    That one audience member’s laugh tho. 🤣

  • AboutLondonandUK
    AboutLondonandUK 2 ساعات قبل

    Not surprised Ellen hasn’t heard of “a heshan” fabric as it’s pronounced and spelled hessian.

  • Revi Mangkulla
    Revi Mangkulla 2 ساعات قبل

    Bapak keren

  • Fillin Chillin
    Fillin Chillin 2 ساعات قبل

    Ellen looks like a boy

  • Moumita Debnath
    Moumita Debnath 2 ساعات قبل

    Ellen, mam it is so so so so ....(*infinity) kind and generous of you to do all that you do for people around the world to help them with your crew.

  • Ambber Hill
    Ambber Hill 2 ساعات قبل

    Is Chris British?

  • thatkidac
    thatkidac 2 ساعات قبل

    Look at Ellen's deck in min 2:00 the Ace of Hearts is already missing and ofc Twitch chooses Ace of Hearts later on :)