Samsung Galaxy A80 | أغرب موبايل في تاريخ سامسونج !
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الموبايل الجديد والغريب من سامسونج من سلسله ال A والمفروض انه موبايل متوسط بس سعره فوق الـ10k جنيه !!! تابعوني علي انستجرام 🖤 www.instagram.c..
لبست في موبايل ب40,000 جنيه | Samsung Galaxy FOLD
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سامسونج جالاكسي فولد في مصر شركه 2Door للشحن: للشراء من سوق: للشراء من جوميا: للشراء من أمازون:
My Samsung Phones!
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Galaxy J7 (USA Link) - My Samsung phone collection. :) Official Instagram Account: adrianisenofficial All business inquiries (Review requests, sponsorships, etc) send a detailed message to: 94joakim@gmai..
All my SAMSUNG PHONES incoming calls
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هجمة مرتدة من سامسونج || Galaxy A100 🔥🔥
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Galaxy A100 Samsung Attack اهلا بالبطل الجديد السامسونك أي100 قناتنا على التلغرام قناة وائل الخفاجي
Samsung Galaxy S11 - GREAT NEWS
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Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus will have Snapdragon 865 processor in more markets. Samsung Galaxy S11 will have the 108MP camera and Galaxy S11 rumors say the device will be unveiled on February 18th in San Francisco. It would make my day..
Samsung Galaxy ZERO Trailer | Re-define Concept Introduction for 2025
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Samsung Galaxy ZERO 2025 concept Trailer video with Specifications, Features and more. here Know everything about Galaxy ZERO price and release date click here:- Samsung has p..
UHD Monitor UR55: Feature Video | Samsung
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No eye strain. No details missed. The UHD resolution monitor with IPS panel brings vibrancy from edge to edge of the bezel-less screen. Eye comfort display turns up visual protection - without turning down color quality. Discover more here: ..
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Чипсет Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 официально представлен. Он будет стоять на Samsung Galaxy S11. Новый функции, поддержка экранов 144 Гц, камеры на 200 Мп, 8K видео, ..
Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing
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Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ever tried. How does the Samsung Galaxy Fold stack up against the other flagship devices lik..
Many Samsung Galaxy vs iPhones vs CAR
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WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! Experiment: Many Samsung Galaxy vs iPhones vs CAR Subscribe HaerteTest on ARclip: How To enter Giveaway? 1. Like this Vide..
Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS Max vs GUN
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WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! Experiment: Samsung S10 vs iPhone XS Max vs GUN Subscribe HaerteTest on ARclip: How To enter Giveaway? 1. Like this Video ..
Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories
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I dropped the most iconic smartphones of 2019 to see which one holds up the best in this durability drop test! FACEBOOK: techrax TWITTER: techrax INSTAGRAM: techrax
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Купить Samsung Galaxy Купить Samsung Galaxy Купить Samsung A307 Galaxy Купить Samsung Galaxy Купить Samsung Galaxy A6..
Samsung Galaxy j3 (2016) Charging Problem Fix
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How to fix Samsung Galaxy j3 (2016) water damage, Charging Problem
Samsung Galaxy Fold Re-do: Everything New!
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Galaxy Fold is back. Think of it as a 1.1 refresh. Galaxy Fold Unboxing:فيديو.html Galaxy Fold Review:فيديو.html Broken Galaxy Folds Explained:فيديو.html Giveaway info: MKB..
Dropping a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Down Spiral Staircase 300 Feet - Will it Survive?
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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is out! What better way to test out the durability than to drop it from 300 feet up! FACEBOOK: techrax TWITTER: techrax INSTAGRAM: techrax
Samsung Galaxy A51 - OFFICIAL!
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Samsung Galaxy A51 Official Press look confirms Galaxy S11 like design. Galaxy A71 Exynos 9630, Quad Camera, Macro Lens, Release date & more. 🔔 Please Subscribe for Daily Tech Videos :) source: evleaks/status/1201771385204424..
Samsung Galaxy S11 - OH YES!!!
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Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Info leaks Galaxy Fold 2 Clamshell design launch plans with similar specs to Galaxy S11 108MP Camera, Snapdragon 865 & More! 🔔 Please Subscribe for Daily Tech Videos :) ★ INSTAGRAM: xeetechcare ..
Samsung Galaxy SmartPhone Evolution - All Models - 10 Years of Android
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A look at all Samsung Galaxy Android SmartPhones, from the first ever Galaxy smartphone running android in 2009 to the latest 2019 models Music: 'Nimbus' - Eveningland, 'Hot Coffee'- Patrick Patrikios, 'I Love You'- Vibe Tracks
Samsung Galaxy S III: Unboxing & Review
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Detailed unboxing and review of the Samsung Galaxy S III (unlocked version). Phone Specs: CPU: 1.4 Quad-Core Exynos 4412 GPU: ARM Mali-400/MP4 RAM: 1GB Storage: 16/32 GB MicroSD Display: 720x1280 Super AMOLED (306PPI) Battery: 2100 mAh Cameras: 8..
Samsung Q90 4K LED TV Hands-On: Unboxing and Setup
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Since Samsung hitched its wagon to the QLED brand, it's been pushing its best TVs to better compete with OLED while setting standards in other areas like ease of use and high design. The Q90 is Samsung's best 4K LED TV yet, and might just end up bein..
Samsung Galaxy S4 Restoration
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Socials Twitter: hughjeffreys Instagram: hughjeffreys ..
Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction
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Today, we’re taking Note further. Say hi to Galaxy Note10. [Next-level S Pen] S Pen turns handwriting into text, lets you share your thoughts instantly and with bluetooth becomes your remote control. [Next-level Camera] Our pro-grade camera t..
Samsung Galaxy S11 - LAUNCH DATE
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Samsung Galaxy S11 series launch date could be around this time, Galaxy S11 battery size revealed and also big news about Samsung potentially dropping the Exynos chipset in S11 series in Korea Buy on Amazon: My VPN: bi..
THIS is the Samsung Galaxy S11
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Galaxy S11 Plus - Official Release Date + New Mystery Samsung Smartphone
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Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus release date is nearly official. Additionally, Samsung might release a new foldable smartphone on the same day as the Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus. Let's dive in and get some details. FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL..
Samsung Galaxy S11 - ЭТО СНОСИТ БАШНЮ!!! (2020 год)
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Мой канал семейный влогов Живи Просто - Samsung Galaxy S11 в 2020 году получит 108 Мп камеру и 5-кратный оптический зум ..
Mystery Unboxing from Samsung.
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Before the Galaxy S11 in 2020, we have a Mystery Unboxing from Samsung Mobile...Containing 3 smartphones, with one Custom device you've never seen before! 😉 Thanks to Carphone Warehouse for the A70!
Samsung Galaxy S11 - НЕ МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ...
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Камера на Samsung Galaxy S11 снесёт вам крышу.100 кратный зум, 108 Мп, 8K 30 к/с, 10 кратный оптический зум и многое другое по последним новостям Samsung Galaxy S..
Samsung Galaxy S11 - Wait, WHAT?
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Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus will have a bigger in-display fingerprint recognition. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will get graphics updates through the play store. Samsung Galaxy S11 and the S11 will be unveiled in February next year. Sams..
What's inside Samsung Galaxy Fold?
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We used a waterjet on a Samsung Galaxy Fold! Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. Watch our other Tech Videos: What's insid..
What you didn't know about Samsung.
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You've probably heard of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11, and the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus, but Samsung is a very unusual company - this is what you didn't know... Subscribe for more content (IT'S FREE) : It would make my day if..
تسريب ريفيو لهاتف جالكسي ايه 51 | Samsung Galaxy A51
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#mukhtar_tech #samsung_Galaxy_A51 لاتنسى الاشتراك بالقناة للدعم والمواصلة اكثر 👇 لطلب الخدمة والتصاميم التواصل مع الاخ ايوب
Samsung - Marvel's Avengers Age of Ultron Part 1
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Ahora tendrás la increíble oportunidad de vivir Avengers desde adentro, gracias a la capacidad de inmersión del nuevo #GearVR. Lionel Messi, Eddie Lacy, John John Florence, Fabian Cancellara y dos afortunados fans lo vivieron. Y tú ¿Qué esperas..
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Верни 500 рублей с первой покупки - Мне помогали: Банан: Клим:
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs Note 9
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Display, Cameras, Battery & Price. ►►►SUBSCRIBE for more: The Samsung Galaxy No..
سامسونج فولد Samsung Fold | معاينة وتجربة أروع وأغلى جهاز من سامسونج في 2019
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معاينة سامسونج جالكسي فولد Galaxy Fold القابل للطي جديد شركة سامسونج من السلسلة الجديدة المتطورة وبالتصميم الجديد بالكامل. جالاكسي فولد يحمل ..
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Durability Test – is the S-Pen Worth it?
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The Note 10 Plus 5g is ready to be durability tested. Prevent scratches to your phone with dbrand: Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video. Every year Samsung comes out with several new flagships. This time around rele..
Samsung Galaxy Fold — первый обзор
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ЕЩЕ обзоры: Самый быстрый повербанк -فيديو.html Смартфон с двумя экранами -فيديو.html Крутой звук для смартфона и телевизора -..
Beneran Bisa Gitu?? SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD 5G, Test CODM
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Smartphone harganya Rp. 35 juta! kayak apa sih selain layarnya bisa ditekukuk? enaknya dipakenya? dibuat main game lancar gak? tonton aja videonya sampai tuntas. Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G: - Jaringan 2G/3G/4G/5G - Simtray single Nano-SIM - ..
Samsung Developer Conference reveals in just 19 minutes
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At Samsung's Developer Conference in San Jose, the company gave us a first look at its One UI 2 mobile phone operating system, a Galaxy Fold compact design and a whole new line of Galaxy notebooks. Subscribe to CNET:
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Сравнение трех очень интересных смартфонов Samsung Galaxy A10, A30 и A50 Купить Samsung Galaxy Купить Samsung Galaxy Купить Samsung Galaxy A5..
Samsung Galaxy S11 - CLOSING THE GAP
عدد المشاهدات 144 ألف3 أيام قبل
Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus will have a custom 108MP camera sensor. Also, the Snapdragon 865 that the Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 will be equipped with has been benchmarked and it's closing the gap with the A13 Bionic chip. Samsung Galaxy S11 rumo..