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    Money Kicks
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    Money kicks, 971
    Don’t stop, don’t stop
    Cars all with the suicide
    We, we living life
    Life, life in Dubai
    Don’t stop, don’t stop
    Ball so big, your wrist poppin
    We ain’t never stoppin
    Cause we from Dubai
    Fat Joe
    Came in the game on E
    Talkin bout all of my bros gon’ eat
    Never did I ever think I see Dubai
    3 bad women in the Dawn, all vibes
    We be poppin Aces all night long
    Chicks in cages, all with the Don
    She be beggin me, baby please don’t go
    Ayouni Hayati they all want Joe
    We be racing on Sheikh Zayed Road
    Cheetah on the passenger side of the Rolls
    Atv’s in the desert like a bedouin
    My Dubai on the gram with your best friends
    Don’t stop, don’t stop
    Cars all with the suicide
    We, we living life
    Life in Dubai
    Don’t stop, don’t stop
    Ball so big, your wrist poppin
    We ain’t never stoppin
    Cause we from Dubai
    I be out, I be out in Dubai
    I got the girls checking me im fly
    I’m coming from Brooklyn to Dubai
    I be out doing shows worldwide
    I’m driving in Dubai in my Porsche
    I be in The Versace Resort
    In my room I’ll be sipping with a few girls
    We turned the Versace mansion into a zoo girl
    Party like the Club Base in Dubai
    Party like the Club White in Dubai
    Pull up pull up on me in Dubai
    We be all night poppin bottles in the sky
    Aint no roofs on these clubs so we be dancing On The Stars
    She be going crazy, she be drinking by the bar
    She like that my money high like a sky scraper
    I be gettin rich cause of that Dubai paper
    When I left from Dubai
    I always wanted to go back to Dubai
    Every time that I see a plane in the sky
    I wanna get some girls and go back to Dubai
    with the gang getting high
    Ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh oooh
    Don’t stop, don’t stop
    Cars all with the suicide
    We, we living life
    Life in Dubai
    Don’t stop, don’t stop
    Ball so big, your wrist poppin
    We ain’t never stoppin
    Cause we from Dubai
    على الفرة وأكون راكب ألبوقاتي
    داون تاون ماشي مع آنساتي
    يوم بجي كلاس ويوم بمزراتي
    قوتشي فيندي برادا all kinda of designer
    عادي جدا تتصل علي ريانا
    تقولي امشي نطلع طلعه فنانة
    ناخذ يخت ونفر بالمرينا
    ولا نقعد طهبل بوسط المدينة
    we livin life, yeah I’m married to 5
    هذا الوضع يا حبيبي زي منتى شايف
    Pull up with the squad ونخلي الكل خايف
    احنا الأقوى في الساحة والكل هنا شايف
    خلي عنك اقوى رابر سعودي
    من عمري ١٦ وانا اسوق اودي
    تلاقاني في كل تشوف في هيصة
    طقم كله قوتشي واطقم مع حصيصة
    What makes you think we lookin
    We settin all the rules
    Make way for the young bosses
    You can’t walk in our shoes
    Talk about facing G’s
    All that Louis on me
    Our style on fleek
    MoneyKicks all the way to the top, oh
    Desi meri paltan
    Chalu jaise sultan
    Chede koi ladki to
    Seedha lelu gardan
    Burj al arab me
    Mausam garam
    Khaleefa wale sapne
    Sapne mere kharab ke
    Yahan bhai sara mazhabb ke
    Bombay se karanchi wale bhai bane gazab ke
    Saath kare kaam saath chale jaam bhai
    naam me kya rakkha aaj shaam tere naam bhai
    Gaadi leke sheikh zayed pe
    Phirni bheji thi ek maa ne mujhe eid pe
    Aaeew g wagon g wagon
    Choti gaadi bhai laye lage mujhe phantom
    Saare desiyaan nu mera ehh paegaaam
    Rall mill rehna sabnu salaam
    Prod. by @qval_film/qval_director
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