A Day in My Life (Seoul) 🇰🇷 VLOG #4 | Erna Limdaugh

  • تم نشره في 2016/12/24
  • Hi guys, I'm back with a new video.
    On this video I'm just gonna simply show you guys what I usually do, my lifestyle etc.
    I try to show different sides of me that I never really showed in any of my videos before, I hope you will get to know me better through this video!
    Wish you a Merry Christmas:)
    BGM; by Danielions Music
    Check out his page for awesome musics!
    J.Lu - Off to (Feat. Summer Soul)
    rosy - Pink Parlor(prod. 102)
    Summer Soul - Christmas Garden
    Steel - Tell Me Now (Feat.민영)

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  • Sam
    Sam أيام قبل

    I love ur hair style

  • uyenthao
    uyenthao 2 أيام قبل

    Don't put mud mask on like she did in the morning unless you want to ruin your skin!

  • Mr. ehzem
    Mr. ehzem 3 أيام قبل

    can i add you in facebook? im jestoni handugan ^_^

  • Liliana Garbolińska
    Liliana Garbolińska 6 أيام قبل

    what program do you use to edit?

  • Aida Jeon-Min
    Aida Jeon-Min 9 أيام قبل

    Господи такая порядочная девочка

  • Esra Erdem
    Esra Erdem 10 أيام قبل

    Turkiyeden izleyen var mı

  • transcendental passion
    transcendental passion 11 أيام قبل

    I don't get it why this girl is putting makeup she is already beautiful... my morning routine is wash my face brush my teeth and my hair and go out😅 it takes me 15 min since i get up till i get out

  • Shara Waltz
    Shara Waltz 11 أيام قبل


  • juju Mᄋ대i
    juju Mᄋ대i 12 أيام قبل

    hiii limdaugh i always watch your videos 👍like,like,like...

  • juju Mᄋ대i
    juju Mᄋ대i 12 أيام قبل

    hiii limdaugh i always watch your videos 👍like,like,like...

  • Meisya XXI TV
    Meisya XXI TV 12 أيام قبل

    Your cat make me shock😂when your cat go away

    GRIZZLY 15 أيام قبل

    Your life is so simple 😍 it makes me fall in love

  • yuri kawaii
    yuri kawaii 15 أيام قبل +3

    You look like the girl from the comic: true beauty in webtoon

  • Kim YeJun
    Kim YeJun 16 أيام قبل

    mds essa menina tem uma cara de ser chata

  • ᄀᄌᄋ
    ᄀᄌᄋ 17 أيام قبل

    영상 절반이 외출준비..

  • M. OlIn
    M. OlIn 17 أيام قبل


  • Yuki Sama
    Yuki Sama 20 أيام قبل

    there is this app countdown an ad its weird

  • Wendy Vlogs
    Wendy Vlogs 23 أيام قبل

    Iu voice is the background right?

  • Vilma Cruz
    Vilma Cruz 24 أيام قبل +1

    Adorei amiga um super like amiga 😍😘🥰

  • titik lia
    titik lia 24 أيام قبل

    Kak erna kk orng indonesia yaa

  • Mike Carroll
    Mike Carroll 24 أيام قبل

    You seem to like the simpler life.

  • ebruli güncem
    ebruli güncem 25 أيام قبل

    Hi, would you watch my daily vlog 🌈🌈🌺

  • 沖田エリザベス
    沖田エリザベス 26 أيام قبل


  • pjm's عالم الكيبوب
    pjm's عالم الكيبوب 26 أيام قبل

    I want that cat TT

  • blank space
    blank space 26 أيام قبل

    I wish i live in korea 💙 you're so lucky

  • Anios Hasaeyo
    Anios Hasaeyo 26 أيام قبل

    her face really look like solar from mamamoo

  • Sherry Lala
    Sherry Lala 29 أيام قبل

    Too much skin makeup for someone with flawless skin. So sad to see that she wants to conceal under her eyes.

  • Randy Hernandez
    Randy Hernandez أشهر قبل

    Next time dont cover your pretty hair.

  • 드퍼
    드퍼 أشهر قبل

    Can she speak Korean?

  • kharishernawan
    kharishernawan أشهر قبل

    My wife 💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💋💗💋💗💋💗💓💓💓😍😍😍

  • kharishernawan
    kharishernawan أشهر قبل

    Love 💕💕💕💋💋💋💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💗

  • Doge
    Doge أشهر قبل +1

    2019 Christmass comin near!

  • Blueberry Cheese
    Blueberry Cheese أشهر قبل +1

    I don’t even know why i like this vlog so much 🤔 just feel so peaceful and erna is so prettyyyy 💕✨

  • `손주은
    `손주은 أشهر قبل

    혹시 한국인 이세요?

  • Double K Official
    Double K Official أشهر قبل +14

    4:20 She looks a like MAMAMOO's Solar♥️

  • Michael Hmar
    Michael Hmar أشهر قبل

    Baby you look so nice

  • Fede
    Fede أشهر قبل +1

    My life in japan be like: I wake up I go to work I work all day I go home I go to sleep

  • Renzo Vlogs Coverage
    Renzo Vlogs Coverage أشهر قبل

    enjoy there

  • Sudesh Kumar
    Sudesh Kumar أشهر قبل +1

    Looking so so cute and gorgeous. Love ❤😘❤😘❤😘 you so much

  • 广西大学阿城
    广西大学阿城 أشهر قبل +1

    Such a favorable day!💜

  • Do you know me?
    Do you know me? أشهر قبل +3

    Ya allah video 2 tahun lalu masih aja aku tonton dan gemesss bgt 😍💛

    • Erni Djebel
      Erni Djebel أشهر قبل

      Ms. R sama. Udah berkali kali nonton padahal

  • Olho no Lance!
    Olho no Lance! أشهر قبل +1

    On Brazil we wake up late, not have time to take a shower ,.,

  • Stephis Cray-cray
    Stephis Cray-cray أشهر قبل

    Teach me how to curl hair

  • sboudreaux27
    sboudreaux27 أشهر قبل

    Just subscribed to your ARclip Channel. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • unknown 04
    unknown 04 أشهر قبل

    Anybody else notice the cat run up the stairs in 3:39 lol she is beautiful definitely girlfriend beauty material right there

  • sijubahmerah
    sijubahmerah أشهر قبل

    What an angel

  • 荆昶豪
    荆昶豪 أشهر قبل


  • Alexia Cross
    Alexia Cross أشهر قبل

    You do not need makeup your skin is flawless girl!

  • M Mshkaa
    M Mshkaa أشهر قبل

    What app do you use for your vids?

  • 劉小銘
    劉小銘 أشهر قبل


  • 김대선
    김대선 أشهر قبل


  • Centurio Numerouno
    Centurio Numerouno أشهر قبل

    Me: 6:30 wake up
    Coffee to go
    6:45 out of the Door

  • 꿀됒이
    꿀됒이 2 أشهر قبل

    왜 난 오글거리지..

  • 유튜브사랑
    유튜브사랑 2 أشهر قبل

    I am Korean and I watched your video very well.

  • Ryan Lathrop
    Ryan Lathrop 2 أشهر قبل

    She kind of looks like Ailee.

  • Anushka Chauhan
    Anushka Chauhan 2 أشهر قبل

    Hey your (her) video (or clip) is on another amazing channel that's project elon-motivation to study......... It's title is 'average is for the weak' go check it out everyone

  • Saintkupo
    Saintkupo 2 أشهر قبل

    I could never be a girl, y'all have way too much to do just to step outside.

  • Nghi Tran
    Nghi Tran 2 أشهر قبل

    How are you so beautiful?!!! I wish I was even remotely as pretty as you 🥺😩

  • Speedy Lex
    Speedy Lex 2 أشهر قبل +1

    I love how real you are with your home lol,
    I don’t try to fake any of that on my channel real life happens your going to have laundry everywhere sometimes or some dishes in the sink. It’s nice too see someone being normal thank you! 💜
    (Small youtuber)

  • Siti Khaitidjah Muhd Nasir
    Siti Khaitidjah Muhd Nasir 2 أشهر قبل

    How are you so beautiful? 😭