Why Dumbledore Can't Move Against Grindelwald | Fantastic Beasts Theory


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    We hope to see you in Orlando!!!

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      dumbledor knew death didnt gave anything to anyone, he knew the deadly hallows are manmade, he simply did one himself from the elder.

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      Logan Underhill I know right

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      SuperCarlinBrothers glvghklwooidvJopxlm.arclip.net/video/nYCOA2jQ-XAs/فيديو.htmljxlakzmhi7seqwkd jnXywoñ

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      I hope very pure wood like hornwood and threstel core use as twin as I search in photo of hp part 7 I found a wand first made by grindwal by owne it must be threstel core due to he hungry for power why any one made his own wand weak ...

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      I’m literally in Orlando right now and I leave in 2 days😡 I will literally miss it by less that a month!!

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    How about a blood promise

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    Ron had a bunch of wands

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    So low there in ?

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    Its because they made a blood pack soooooooooooo

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    I think i know why after seeing the movie

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    cause they made a blood pact obviously

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    Spoiler Alert

    He made a blood oath withe Grindewald

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    This theory made so much sense in October, but then they changed dumbledores wand design because it “looked to much like the elder wand”

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    I think maybe Dumbledore sees Grindelwald because he wants to be as powerful as him. The reason being that when Harry looked in the mirror he didn’t just see his parents, he saw himself WITH his parents. If Dumbledore would want to be with Grindelwald he should see himself with Grindelwald not just the latter

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    He cant move against him becuz the made an unbreakable promise that they wont fight each other
    I just watched the movie

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    Very very sad about all the effort you put into this because i think it‘s amazing. However i learned just a couple minutes ago that there is a very simple explanation that defies this super smart theory.

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    It also works if the wands share the same core... and I after seeing the movie there are no clues about their wands sharing cores as suggested by you... and there is nothing about Newt and Grindlewald's wands either... since we know from The HP story that Dumbledore won it from Grindlewald...I take it the elder wand was won by Dumbledore since he harnessed and earned its power in full. (The wand chooses the wizard!) and why Snape was in turn killed by Voldermort who seemed to know little about wandlore. In HP there are clear explanations as how you earn a wand's trust and power...hence why it never properly worked for Voldermort... since Dumbledore and Snape had made a pact in this regard...

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    It was a much simpler reason.

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    Blood pact

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    The crimes of Grindelwald is finally out! I have seen it and I know why he can't move against him!😝

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    But when dumbledore and grindelwald do duel and grindelwald ended up losing wouldn’t Ariana show up if he killed her. And if not dumbledore would know that the was the one who had killed her

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    At the end of this clip Eddie clarifys the wand thing. I loved your theory and am kinda sad it’s not correct.

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    there's something weird with the Mirror though because Dumbledore doesn't see himself with Grindelwald he just sees Grindelwald so maybe he wishes he was Grindelwald because he knows that he was the one who killed his sister and not Grindelwald.

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    I have legit never seen this brother 🤣 I thought it was only the other one and this one did editing or something

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    I have a theory. I think that this other wand actually belongs to Grindelwald and that it was a copy made by Gregorvich.
    In one of the books (probably deathly hallows) somebody(Olivander?) mentions that there were rumours of Grindelwald possessing the Elder wand and trying to make copies of it.
    And I think Grindelwald probably got his original wand from Gregorvich when he was at Durmstrang before he finally stole the Elder wand from Gregorvich, and I think the original wand was a copy of the Elder wand.

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    dont forget that in the hp universe love acts as a shield against harm. so even if Dumbledore wanted to face Grindelwald he couldn't hurt him.

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    They made a Blood Pact not to fight ever against each other

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    Ha! Gaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!
    Seriously though, if this becomes a gay flick, I'll walk out.

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    Sorry but this theory has been debunked! JK said the wand looked too similar to the elder wand so they CGI'd it out to the sculptured twisted one you see in the posters... sorry

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    Dumbledore cannot move against Grindelwald because they have a blood pact to not fight eachother!
    Have fun watching!

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    So, question. If Harry won in the grave yard in Goblet of Fire, did he win control of Voldemort’s wand? If so, is that another reason why Voldemort needed a different wand in the first part of Deathly Hallows?

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    I really like this theory... BUT it has already been explained why he has "two wands". JK saw the first one and thought it looked to much like the elder wand, so they made a new one, with which they digitally replaced the original after shooting. But I think the part of him not wanting the power of the elder wand is far more likely

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    Sorry but newt just debunked this theory arclip.net/video/xyCMOt9hJXQ/فيديو.html

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    So. Just saw the movie yesterday. I love watching your ideas after the fact. And I can say that the main reason was not mentioned by you. But I do think, personally, that a lot of your theory sounds way awesome and plausible in addition to what the movie reveals. Enjoy the movie! I did.

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    But grindelwald and dumbledore tok a blod pakt thats why

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    or maybe grindelwald turns morphs into dumbledore and thats why its showing grindelwald

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    Its so hillarious watching this after I've seen the movie...... ha, there is so much wrong here

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    No, he made an blood oath

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    I am just glad to see Dumbledores original wands

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    In Tessa Netting's newest video Eddie Redmayne explains the two different Dumbledore wands.

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    Love the theory but the wand was changed for the fact that it looked too much like the elder wand it isn’t its brother just an accident.

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    The actual reason he couldn't move against Grinderwald is because he loved him and he couldn't bare that pain

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    Because they made a blood pact

  • Louise Andersen
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    Spoiler alert:

    No. This is not why Dumbledore can move against Grindelwald. The reason is something you will see at the very end of the movie.
    Though it doesnt make that much sense consindering what happend in Dumbledores past

  • who is annie?
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    I think it's all of these together. He still loves Grindewald, he's scared of himself facing power, he's being watched and he's afraid of priori incantatem. I love this theory.

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    Could've sworn he was supposed to be ginger. At least that's his colour hair when he tells Tom about Magic in the orphanage
    From my memory anyway

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    I'm seeing the movie in 2,5 hours!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITEDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

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    This is why he says "It has to be you,Newt."Because then Newt will be the master of the Elder wand.
    Nice work, Dumbledore.Real nice.

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    I hope J.K. will put Aberforth in this

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    omg grindle wald has the elder wand in this that’s how dumbledore gets elder wand from defeating grindle wald and he dosent want to fight grindle wald because he loves grindle wald

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    Partly why Dumbledore didn't attack Grindelwald was because he is gay and he had kinda fallen for him... but of course the director took that out

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    What are you talking about?? Wow you make things up to make a video...the reason is obvious

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    “Maybe he sees himself in Grindelwald, and I mean that literally.”
    Uhhhh I’m pretty sure you don’t mean this literally, otherwise....

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    Ok, this theory makes sense but my question is, if they did find a brother to the elder wand, how come Dumbledore got to use it/take it and not Griderwald? Or maybe that was what the fight was about, because Dumbledore was the one using it and Grinderwald wanted it!

  • Father Falcone
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    "Perhaps Dumbledore even sees a little of himself, IN Grindewald. And I actually mean that quite literally."

    Ayyyy Dumbledore get some.

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    Brother wands

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    Loves him like a brother duh not gay

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    This made me so emotional???? I cried through half of it because it could definitely be the case with prior incantartem

  • Bella Griste
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    this theory makes a lot of sense Jk needs to take notes

  • Pamoda Manusaranie
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    Guys I just noticed that the twisted black wand Dumbledore is using in this film has these celtic runes on the handle and at the bottom silver bit and if you check out the runes online they all have something to do with who Dumbledore wishes to be! There's Ansuz, Jera and Dagaz. Ansuz means vision, leadership and power of words, Jera means peace, happiness, hope and earlier efforts realized and Dagaz means breakthrough, awareness, awakening and planning. I mean does it only look like coincedence to me or is it? I think not! Please try to add some of your research in a video!!!!

  • Chase Van Allen
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    It’s a great theory but I don’t like the brother wand idea because it’s just repeating what happened to Harry. I like the idea of Dumbledore the greatest wizard ever cannot move because, of an emotional attachment to Grindelwald. It shows even the strongest has a weakness. The belief that he could beat Grindelwald the fear of possibly hurting him as he blamed himself for even the chance of hurting his sister is too much to even bare. And the fear that once he gets the power he would become what he fears most. That is such a better and complex arch then just we share the same core I physically can not move against him.

  • Adam Mellows
    Adam Mellows 6 أيام قبل

    Pretty sure you don't need basically the same wand to cast that spell, because the ministry do it to Harry's wand when he loses it at the quidditch world cup to find out his wand performed the dark mark in the sky

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    how me your wand history

  • Nice
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    how many years between this film and the first harry potter film?

  • Elena Patey
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    We are starting to forget Voldmort and relize grindelwald is more dangerisous

  • the Wind archer
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    Dupoldore is gay

  • Asylum
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    I literally screamed when I saw the woman turn into the snake and my mum came in to ask if I was okay. Fbawtft hasn't come out in Australia yet so I'm kinda spoiling the movie for myself.

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    Another great video

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    So Dumbledore's the top? 🤣

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink 8 أيام قبل

    Okay, I've definitely either seen it spelled as Grindelvald or heard it pronounced like that. Am I going crazy?

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink 8 أيام قبل

    Rowling has said it was unrequited love.

  • Dalton Derrick
    Dalton Derrick 9 أيام قبل

    Why does Voldemort’s and Dumbledore wand connect also why does Harry’s and Voldemort’s in the final battle in those situations here is nothing special about the two wands

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  • Bentley Rhodes
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    My understanding from the book was Dumbledore loved Grindlewald, and therefore could not or would not fight him. Still watching the video!

  • ArtisticCreations
    ArtisticCreations 9 أيام قبل

    the wizarding world, has become a huge part of me, its a place where i can escape reality when things get hard, and i get lost in the magical pages of JK. Rowling that transport me somewhere where i can be myself where i can be free without judgement, it is where i can express myself, and my abilities, i really thank JK. Rowling for writing these books because like JK. Rowling confirmed , i have already gotten my hogwarts letter its each and everyone of her books, and we are at hogwarts right now . to me the wizarding world makes up what i am today and how they have influenced me to be a better person and to choose the light, "when things seem most Dark itCan show him the light" by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

  • mohammad fallah.rasoulnejad
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    this wand twin theory could be true and I don't know if its cleared up right know or not, But maybe grindlewald and dumbledore had twin wands before finding elder wand. they were kids so they could have a normal wand and killed ariana with a normal twin wand. then the theory of avoiding each other is nullified because they no longer use that wands. or maybe they will use that even if its not in their benefits to find out the old grudge cause? I mean there couldn't be possibly a twin for the elder wand that made by death himself, cause that would mean that death made the brother too.

  • lukethenuke222222 Luke
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    The Scene in Fantastic Beasts 1 where Tina and Newt are going to be killed, the liquid they are going to be put in looks like the Pensive.

  • Storm Cranford
    Storm Cranford 9 أيام قبل

    The plothole had a plothole. Dumbledores wand WOULD reveal if he killed his sister. The orb would show only spells that killed someone. How many people has dumbledore killed in 20 years? Probably not many

  • Archie Reborn
    Archie Reborn 9 أيام قبل

    This Priori Incantatem explanation is way too farfetched...The Elder Wand's brother? Seriously? Just because he has a different wand in a picture? Apparently a lot of people seem to forget to that while the Priori Incantatem effect is a rare effect that only happens with twin cores, there is a simple spell that is "Prior Encantatem" that is used by Amos Diggory at the beginning of the Goblet of Fire when Crouch Jr summons the Dark Mark using Harry's wand. Obviously, if a prodigious wizard like Dumbledore is coming at you full force, you are not going to want to be doing anything but defending yourself, so casting Prior Incatatem will not be high on your list of useful things to do. However, the mere existence of this spell as anything but the rare twin-core effect makes your theory about the Elder Wand's bother even less believable.

  • Samule Hunt
    Samule Hunt 9 أيام قبل

    I just assumed it was because he was in love with him

  • Michael Palladino
    Michael Palladino 10 أيام قبل

    dumbledore knows grindelwald isn't on his level in combat. so he sends newt to put him in his place.

  • Ryan Collins
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    That is a great theory

  • Yodaisproudheis DanielKennedymcyewenstein

    Favourite channel ever

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    I'd like to put out there that there may have been an unbreakable vow forged between Grindelwald and Dumbledore in their late teens that stops Dumbledore going against Grindelwald in some shape or form

  • Ophelia Baudelaire
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    I haven't stopped screaming and researching conspiracy theories and crying since the first trailer came out.

  • Gemma Benzon
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    Omg I know when you said that Dumbledore loves Grindelwald as a friend but I know officially ship Dumbledore and Grindelwald #Grindledore

  • nearzero12
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    If this is true. That means malfloy* owned the two strongest wands of all time..... lol

  • Margaret Wicks
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    Okay, did ANYONE else notice that Leta and Theseus are walking into Hogwarts with the ministry officials? AND it looks like Tina ( And Theseus) behind the guy interrogating Dumbledore?
    I don't think Dumbledore was in love with him though. I think the "fear of him wanting to be like him" is more likely.
    "Welcome to SuperCarlinBrothers"
    The reason he can't go against him? I like the theory that he just doesn't want to have the elder wand, he doesn't trust himself with power.

  • Michael Duddie
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    I never even watched the first Fantastic Beast Movie yet

  • Johanna Ramos
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  • The Beast
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    In short - no, it doesn’t. It’s definitely a blood pact or unbreakable vow.

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    Hey supercarlinbrothers he cant move against him because he wants his power.he saw him in the mirror of erised

    • Bam bot That
      Bam bot That 11 أيام قبل

      Called it i knew he would talk about it

  • Sherri Asenova
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    If this is true than you must be spiritual brothers/mind readers of JKR.... but seriously... spoiler alert before the movie comes out... you are going to start a whole new trend of theories-that-are-likely-true-or-better alert...

  • Kyle Eversfield
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    we need a video explaining mcgonagall being in the film when she shouldn't even be born. How could she be without breaking canon.

  • adam isqandar
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    I saw a crimes of grindelwald trailer before the video

  • शिवण कला
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    still 6 days more...

  • Severus Murray
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    I kinda just assumed you wouldnt wanna fight a full war against someone who you had once loved. At least im pretty sure jkr said that he had always envisioned dumbledore being gay and had a thing for him when they were younger... idk i never questioned it for a second. I figured if it was something different they would make it obvious in the movie. If not that may be the case why.

  • Jason Ng Tio Wee
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    I suspect this wand belongs to Credence Barebone..

  • Wyatt Camacho
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    its not taytem its taaaaatem

  • Richard Chisenhall
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    Just watched the Dumbledore's horcrux video and it got me thinking, why would Dumbledore give the feathers to olivander in the first place? Specifically just 2 feathers. I think he did this to study twin core connection bc of the Grindelwald twin core issue. This being around when tom riddle was born, then by the time tom was ready for a wand Dumbledore may want to give one of his particularly special wands to a particularly gifted student and gave the other to olivander some time after knowing it would go to the one destined to defeat Voldemort bc of their twin cores