Top Graphic Design Trends 2020: Breaking the Rules

  • Graphic Design Trends 2020 are out and absolutely mind-blowing! This year will surprise us with a fascinating play of colors, shapes, and dimensions in graphic design compositions. What awaits, is truly impressive and captivating - don't miss out!
    Find out the hottest trends in graphic design for this year:
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    Top 13 trends to expect in 2020:
    🔸 00:07 - 01. 3D depth and realism
    Examples by:

    🔸 00:22 - 02. Going monochrome
    Examples by:

    🔸 00:35 - 03. Shiny metals
    Examples by:

    🔸 00:52 - 04. Typography craze
    Examples by:

    🔸 01:17 - 05. Image and text masking
    Examples by:

    🔸 01:31 - 06. Line art
    Examples by:

    🔸 01:44 - 07. Collages of drawings and photos
    Examples by:

    🔸 01:58 - 08. Simplified illustrations
    Examples by:

    🔸 02:13 - 09. Isometric illustrations
    Examples by:

    🔸 02:26 - 10. Earthy colors: a sense of vintage
    Examples by:

    🔸 02:41 - 11. Patterns and textures
    Examples by:
    🔸 02:58 - 12. Geometric designs
    Examples by:

    🔸 03:13 - 13. Liquids
    Examples by:

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    This video is a quick recap of our blog post about graphic design trends 2020 which you can fully enjoy at
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      What is the song name used in this video?

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      I love the way you're answering the comments, so professional and polite and not defensive at all

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  • Sourav Karanjai
    Sourav Karanjai 4 أيام قبل

    2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 whatever, the rocking trend of graphic design is - FOLLOW YOUR CLIENT'S INSTRUCTION. Really, the pattern section in this video remind me creating the brochure of bags for a client. Here, to make understand about pattern, used a black and white bag with same coloured pattern. I did same for the brochure. Client simply rejected saying, the background is highlighted much than the bag. Then I used monochrome in background. Different coloured monochrome which goes well with the bag's colour. Client liked that style, but, said to give only one colour to every background, so the bags will be highlighted. And the colour is off white/pastel white/ivory white. So I turned every colourful monochrome background into offwhite. And client liked that. That's why, the biggest trend is, forget the f**king trend and follow your client's instruction. Those motherf***kers are biggest designer.

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    I need to follow the world trending record.

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    We also asked designers about trends:

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    what's with the typography craze. it just looks edgy without bringing any solution.

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    Once became mainstream , it's not a trend anymore. It's masturbation.

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    REptilian invasion

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    Soft gradient tons and expanding text letters are missing and is a total hit nowadays

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    typography is a trend now? please

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    Next: Top UI/UX Design 2020

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    I’m so glad to see all the views on ARclip starting to die down. The videos you kids put out now days trying so desperately to stay relevant absolutely suck.

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    Typography craze - Zinező design periodical, the full project on Behance.

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    Andrée Markefors 2 أشهر قبل

    I enjoyed this overview of "all graphic design styles there are". I'm not being ironic. I did enjoy it. But it also feels like more or less everything was represented: Realistic, 3D, simplified, typography, line art, colouring, liquid, photography collage... and on and on... A great video for people fresh out of ideas!

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    There are amazing things to use. Love different ways of tipograph.

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    Oh good! Looks like design will be trending next year with everything xD

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    I always wonder, why the editors always choose some horrible music for their video

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    Okay what will not be a trend?


    I think we should go back to everything being vintage and simple.

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    It seems to me or these are the trends of the last 3 years?

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    don't follow the trend. make trend. by own. 👍

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    this is one of the most visually confusing vids I've seen. Kind of hard to look at both the designs and texts below. Stopped watching after a minute.

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    0:16 turkish? 😂

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    VERY misleading title, I don't even know what I expected coming here but was honestly disappointed. This was on my homepage so naturally, I became curious, but none of these are TOP GRAPHIC DESIGN TRENDS 2020 because just as you have replied to most comments under this video, these were all taken from the past few years leading up to 2020 as a sort of compilation/prediction of what's to come. Should've titled the video DESIGN TREND PREDICTIONS FOR 2020 but I guess that wouldn't give you as many clicks as this current one.

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    omg if thats the new trends, then farewell...its basically reactivating old style carsons and lack of drawing skills plus the stuff made with computer software when it all was brand new to use pshop effects n plugins...

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    Classic never dies huh... ?

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    whats "an actual 3D that moves" supposed to mean (2:13). thats already 3D animation, yes?

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    C'mon typography isn't a trend! Tell me something more specific, like, maybe typefaces that will be trendy. (Liked the vid though. Very smooth work)

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    Main problem with thus video... Trends
    Never use trends in design. Trends come and go.

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    graphics guru writing 2k20 instead of 2020... HOW IRONIC

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    Presentation: about leadership
    designer : Googles leadership
    Google: 3d white dude holding an arrow
    designer : perfect

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    Typography isnt a trend its 50 per cent of graphic design you tool

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    I really like how designs now are very simple, easy to understand and don't have a lot of pictures

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    whats not going to trend: videos with annoying background music

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    A lot of these designs are very much 1960s, and it really makes sense if you think about it.
    The bright trippy design of the 60s and 70s was mostly derived from the rebel culture and "going against the traditional" scene of the era. It makes perfect sense for that to come back around in a loop during a time that many feel they have a need for change.
    Plus it's just really pretty to look at.

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    I already like 2020. Lots of my all-time-favorite styles coming back :-)

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    these strike me as out of date, almost mid 80's generic techinques, sharpened with a few simple filters. Design is in a complete nose-dive and nothing here is particularly interesting or sophisticated, it's just a guide for lazy designers... Cheap hacks is a better title

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