These HILARIOUS Off Brand Items Take It TOO FAR..

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    Presidents choice all was copy brands like idiots

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  • I think sofie won the gingerbread battle! H

    Please do a video on the FNAF animated short by I has Cupquake

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    The brand dove is change to dave cos crazy dave use it everyday to shower n cos he loves the soap dove thats y

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    Nut master because it has nuts

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    Wanna know what's funny. The intro was sold by Reaction Time. 😂

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    Mountain double dew like double u

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    How Prongles Triggers you: It said the word "Original" above the name

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    right when he said the pringles rip off I was eating real pringles

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    Mountain explosion is a dollar store brand that poor people buy like my self because it tastes the same and it’s cheap

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