• I'm testing 15 viral Instagram slime trend recipes and hacks. I'll show you how to make slime from Instagram. These are some of my favorite viral slime trends. I'm trying glitter mixing, googly eye slime, slime pressing, clay mixing, straw slime and so much more! These are some of the biggest slime recipes to go viral on Instagram. Of course, all of these slimes can be no borax. I know I did a bunch of testing no glue slimes but I thought it would be fun to test viral slimes for a little bit. What do you need to make slime? Watch and see! I hope you enjoyed these viral slime hacks! Let me know in the comments what viral slime trend recipes you would like me to test in an upcoming video. How do you make slime? Let me know.
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    Who else is reading and listing?
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    See’s plastic straws save the turtles sksksk we need more medel straws

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    I want to see her make slime out of a glue stick

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    Try to mix slime with makeup

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    Do you know that slime have bacteria?

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    Make Morr Slime

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    Red violets are blue I am watching this video because I have glue thank you for 100 like

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    here from tiktok : c.jacksonnn23

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    OMG I love your slime videos , I saw on youtube a recipe that says you have to first spread salt into a bowl, and add some water to it and mix well, then add some dish soap and mix. Then she said to seal it and wait 2-3 days, can you PLEASE test it out? P.S the dish soap she used is EZ clean. (You can search on youtube "how to make slime with dish soap" and click on the first video with the orange slime on it!) (just to let u make sure that I'm not lying)

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    I like the colorful google eyes one

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    When you want to try it when your slimes when we wanted to childish at Hugo one it was cuz the the holes too big

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    I liked the Googly eye slime because I love Googly eyes🇨🇦

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    what do u do with all your slimes ??

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    Hey I am new to the channel

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    The straw slime was the worst.😥plastic is not helping our earth!

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    Love you

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    Just a regular googly eyes but I love your Channel by the way😗😍.

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    Roses are red
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    My heart is dead
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    i love how you go in to have fun with your slms to make it more intresting and i love how you go viral with new slìmes ýou make

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  • Nelley Andrade
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