Idina Menzel, AURORA - Into the Unknown (From "Frozen 2")

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  • Watch the full “Into the Unknown” sequence from Disney’s Frozen 2 featuring the original song performed by Idina Menzel (voice of Elsa) featuring AURORA and written by Academy Award winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez.

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    Why was Elsa born with magical powers? What truths about the past await Elsa as she ventures into the unknown to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond Arendelle? The answers are calling her but also threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll face a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough. From the Academy Award®-winning team-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez-and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.
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    Music video by Idina Menzel, AURORA performing Into the Unknown (From "Frozen 2"). © 2019 Walt Disney Records
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  • Liston Ardies
    Liston Ardies 7 ساعات قبل


  • david candra
    david candra 7 ساعات قبل

    same energy
    let it go & into the unknown hahaha

  • fifth_ teen
    fifth_ teen 8 ساعات قبل

    My friends at class: *Ah ah ah ah*

    Can I join?

  • Da Blue Sanic
    Da Blue Sanic 8 ساعات قبل


    man in the backround:SHUT UP!!! IM TRYING TO SLEEP

  • J024
    J024 8 ساعات قبل

    I still get goosebumps from the harmony part towards the end.

  • Geogryphics
    Geogryphics 8 ساعات قبل

    My friend: Into theeeeeeee UNKNOWNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!
    Me: What the- what is that...?
    Friend: Oh it’s Frozen 2, WATCH IT, KID.
    **Me 5 Weeks Later**


  • Lalita Dimopoulos
    Lalita Dimopoulos 8 ساعات قبل

    Frozen 1: Let it GOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Frozen 2: Into the UNKOWN

    Frozen 3: WhErE aRe YoU sAmAnThA?!?!?!

  • Rendy Ade Syaputra
    Rendy Ade Syaputra 8 ساعات قبل +1

    Siapa yang kesini karena tau lyodra nyanyi lagu ini di spekta top 7??

  • Emily Mitchell
    Emily Mitchell 8 ساعات قبل

    currently jamming at 2:30 am

  • Charie Collado
    Charie Collado 8 ساعات قبل

    It 3 am ok don sing

  • Fernando Rivera
    Fernando Rivera 8 ساعات قبل

    quisiera que AURORA fuera algo mas...

  • luvluv channel
    luvluv channel 8 ساعات قبل +2

    akhirnyaaa wuhuu bener bener dri kemaren" nunggu lyodra bawain lagu inii pstii bakall pecahh:>
    tapii nanti lyodra bawain versi yg ini atau yg laki" ya? berharap nya si versi ini terus kaya ada drama" musikal nya gituu jdii berasa bgt disney nya

    • Alfiyyah Tiarama
      Alfiyyah Tiarama 7 ساعات قبل

      semoga lyodra hari senin depan menampilkan penampilan yang megah,elegan,ayu,terbaik ,perfect, dan semoga dapat respon yang baik dari juri maupun penonton seluruh indonesia ketika lyodra tampil hari senin tanggal 20 januari 2020,aamiin

    • Alfiyyah Tiarama
      Alfiyyah Tiarama 7 ساعات قبل


  • fiona rosalinda putri
    fiona rosalinda putri 8 ساعات قبل

    Hay sya

  • Potato da pleb
    Potato da pleb 8 ساعات قبل

    Frozen 1 elsa: Im not coming back the past is in the past
    Frozen 2 elsa: Literally finding the past

  • Kreator Kalem chanel
    Kreator Kalem chanel 8 ساعات قبل +3

    Nunggu yang dari indonesia main kesini karna lyodra indonesian idol.

  • Adi putra gurusinga
    Adi putra gurusinga 9 ساعات قبل +2

    Siapa kesini gara2 Lyodra mau bawaiin ini di Indonesia idol top 7

  • minie sarira
    minie sarira 9 ساعات قبل


  • UwU
    UwU 9 ساعات قبل

    I like elsa songs

  • toTalTrash
    toTalTrash 9 ساعات قبل

    i have literal goosebumps from listening to this

  • Sampo Sampo
    Sampo Sampo 9 ساعات قبل

    Elsa in real lifeفيديو.html

  • Um Okay? And?
    Um Okay? And? 9 ساعات قبل

    no one:
    not even the whispers:


    *into the unknoWnNnnNnnNnnNnNn*

  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright 9 ساعات قبل

    I'm so hook on this song.So good.i went to see this movie two weeks ago.I had the theater by myself.I was only one watching it.That was weird.I went to 4pm show.only cost 5 DOLLARS. It was great I'm ready for part 3

  • Emma Hewer
    Emma Hewer 9 ساعات قبل

    I’m doing this for my acro dance in my showcase

  • Ini Bopin
    Ini Bopin 9 ساعات قبل +4

    Kesini gara2 Lyodra nyanyiin ini

  • Fernando Pina
    Fernando Pina 9 ساعات قبل

    0:31 me every morning with my alarm
    1:01 Also me in the morning with my alarm

  • Regita
    Regita 9 ساعات قبل +1


  • Muhammad Reza
    Muhammad Reza 9 ساعات قبل +2

    Senin ini Lyodra bawain lagu ini :)

  • Gregorio Cabusao
    Gregorio Cabusao 10 ساعات قبل +1

    Me: She Might Wake All The Peoples Out.😆
    Elsa: Excuse Me? My Voice Is Powerful!🤨
    Me: Yeah, So Powerful that Its Been Keeping Awake.😣
    Elsa: That Is My Job To Wake You Up For School.😉 iNtO tHe UnKnOwN!!!👏👏

  • xXSkychanXx Pika
    xXSkychanXx Pika 10 ساعات قبل +1

    I have made a discovery...

    the very beginning piano pattern is the same as the beginning piano pattern in “do you wanna build a snowman” REEEEEEEEE

  • 옹응옹
    옹응옹 10 ساعات قبل

    한국인 🖐

  • Lydia Ramirez
    Lydia Ramirez 10 ساعات قبل

    Other people are saying "Here we go again with her singing"
    "Jimmy call the police and tell them that freaking Elsa is singing loud again"

  • Craig B
    Craig B 10 ساعات قبل +1

    White women are the best looking!

  • Oli Yeay
    Oli Yeay 10 ساعات قبل


  • Chrismas tarigan
    Chrismas tarigan 10 ساعات قبل +1

    Akhirnya lyodra nyanyiin ini jg

  • althea curato
    althea curato 10 ساعات قبل


  • Den Den
    Den Den 10 ساعات قبل

    No one :
    Absolutely no one :

    Not even Samantha :

    Elsa : *Wearing the Cloak that she threw 6 years go in the Mountains*
    Also Elsa : *The Cold never bothered me anyway*

  • nur alinda pratiwi
    nur alinda pratiwi 10 ساعات قبل


  • spicy potato
    spicy potato 10 ساعات قبل

    if i lived here and elsa was singing that loud in the night, i’d move,

  • XxIanxX
    XxIanxX 11 ساعات قبل

    Arendelle:*sleeping peacefully.


  • Tom Welch
    Tom Welch 11 ساعات قبل +1

    Elsa: singing at the top of her lungs at 3am.

  • Adilene Hernandez
    Adilene Hernandez 11 ساعات قبل

    I love her voice I want her voice

  • Tom Welch
    Tom Welch 11 ساعات قبل +1

    This is pretty good.
    But Let it go can never be beaten

  • Eralyze
    Eralyze 11 ساعات قبل +1

    Mom: Do your chores or clean your room
    Me: I can hear, you but I won't

  • 웅ᄏ
    웅ᄏ 11 ساعات قبل

    ??: Samantha?

  • Fredy Padamada
    Fredy Padamada 11 ساعات قبل

    I’m poor to get Disney + 😭

  • TheBakedJotato
    TheBakedJotato 11 ساعات قبل

    Oh god, not again. Let it go couldn't've died soon enough and now we have this

  • Lilly Harris
    Lilly Harris 11 ساعات قبل


  • Joheun Milae
    Joheun Milae 11 ساعات قبل

    Lyodra nyanyi ini dong

  • Teti Herawati
    Teti Herawati 12 ساعات قبل


  • Stella Boyd
    Stella Boyd 12 ساعات قبل +2

    I was wondering the exact SAME THING. HOW THE HELL does all of Arendelle not HEAR HER?! And for the record, does everyone here realize that EVERY Disney princess movie is a FULL-BLOWN MUSICAL?!

  • Fernanda Ching
    Fernanda Ching 12 ساعات قبل

    The only thing that I know is that I......LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!! ( Literaly I want to watch this this movie like 100.0000 (million) times.😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  • dzaneia gentles
    dzaneia gentles 12 ساعات قبل

    frozen 2 : my favrite song unknown

  • Jesus Valdez
    Jesus Valdez 12 ساعات قبل +1

    I love elsa

  • Kiana Craig
    Kiana Craig 12 ساعات قبل

    Is it me or does this song sound so wrong

  • The Mad Panda Hatterress
    The Mad Panda Hatterress 12 ساعات قبل

    I just wanna know how 49K people don't like this?

  • Hadia Kashif
    Hadia Kashif 12 ساعات قبل +1

    Best movie ever.

  • Elle Short
    Elle Short 12 ساعات قبل

    How did this song become so popular? I understand let it go, but this one?

  • Sanghun Kim
    Sanghun Kim 12 ساعات قبل

    People of Arendelle would not like the queen very much..
    She is always singing at midnight...

  • Lucy Zhang
    Lucy Zhang 12 ساعات قبل

    Who love Elsa pitch it feel so wild SO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Trevett
    Matthew Trevett 12 ساعات قبل

    This would have been a good enough trailer on its own.