Baari by Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan | Official Music Video | Latest Song 2019

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  • Love is the beginning of everything in life; it leads to unimaginable happiness. This winters, feel the warmth of love with Baari.
    Baari by Bilal Saeed ft. Momina Mustehsan releasing only on OneTwoRecords.
    Written, Composed & Directed by BilalSaeed
    Special Thanks: Rahim Pardesi, Chaaye Paani, Noor Sheikh, Zainab Raza
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    Produced by: Bilal Saeed
    Executive Producer: Murtaza Niaz
    Associate Producer: Saad Mahboob
    Audio Credits:
    Artist/Singer: Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustehsan
    Written & Composed by Bilal Saeed
    Mandolin by Haroon Leo
    Violin by Sharoon Leo
    Acoustic Guitars by Muzamil Hussain
    Flute by Salman Aadil
    Music Arrangements by Bilal Saeed
    Mixed by Ali Mustafa
    Mastered at Waltz Mastering by Tom Waltz, Massachusetts (USA)
    Record Label: One Two Records
    Digital Partner: ABC Digital
    Online Promotions: Gold Media
    Video Credits:
    Directed by Bilal Saeed
    Cinematography by Aamir Mughal
    Art Direction by Umer Butt
    Line Production by Ahmed Waqas
    Production Team: Ahmed Naeem, Ahsan Ahmed, Faraz Hassan
    Wardrobe by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha vestido1 by Ubair Naeem
    Jewllery by Samreen Vance
    Makeup Styling by Toni n Guy & Nabeelas
    Video Production Head Saad Mahboob
    Edit & Post by Murtaza Niaz (PMRSTUDIOWORKS)
    Color Grading by Sohail Azad (Checkpost)
    BTS 1: Sawaiz Photography
    BTS 2: Qasimzbh
    Assistant Dop: Fahad Mehmood
    Line producer: Ahmed Waqas
    Focus Puller: Saaed Ahmed Cheema
    Gaffer: latif
    Production Manager: Sajid & nawab khan
    Lights & Grips: Popa Lights
    Camera: Lyenda Films
    Lenses: LCG Karachi
    Assistant Art: Muhammad arslan
    Set and Art : Cinescape
    Motion Graphics: Faisal Malik
    Graphics Designs: Ahmed Naeem
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    For concert & queries
    Manager: Murtaza Niaz
    Mobile/Whatsapp: +923334080602
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      Hey! Checkout my cover of Baari on my channel ❤️

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      Grate job

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      Being occupied kashmiri, we believe ourselves to b proud pakistanis ✌ ✌. Keep supporting kashmiris #@ pakistan .

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      I love this song

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    Very nice song

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    Justtt love thisss Song♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Video quality is so bad.pls improve

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    👌👌good song

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    Nice yar 👌👍

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    Vary nice song

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    Bilal Saeed songs are my all time favorite

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    Heart touching sonn bhai

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    here only for momina mustehsan

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    Who is Indian like pls

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    Lovely song.
    Love from India.
    And respect for Pakistan......

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    Great song 😘😘😘

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    #bilaalsaeed❤️❤️ his voice and this song is love ❤️❤️❤️

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    I really love this girl man. She just makes me go blank. Wish I could meet her in life someday.

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    Nasreen 😍

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    Its request from a fan to Bilal Saeed & ( team) sir please make a song with yashal Shahid

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    pakistani singers are amazing .who likes pakistani singers .

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    Being occupied kashmiri, we believe ourselves to b proud pakistanis ✌ ✌. Keep supporting kashmiris #@ pakistan .

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