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  • Official music video for Maher Zain's new single "Lawlaka". Directed by Idris Kheder.
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    Lyrics: Saif Fadhel
    Melody: Maher Zain
    Arrangement: Emre Mogulkoç
    Executive Producer: Bara Kherigi
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    (If It Weren’t For Your Grace)
    اللهم تقبَّلنا
    (O Allah accept us)
    بجميلِ هُداك أعِنّا
    (With your beautiful guidance help us)
    يا ذا الأسماءِ الحُسنى
    (O Lord of Beautiful Names)
    أُلطف ربي بهذا القلب
    (Have pity my Lord on my poor heart)
    لولاكَ لما كُنّا نَدعوك وما آمنّا
    (If it weren’t for Your grace we wouldn’t have supplicated to you, nor would we have believed)
    نُحسنُ بك ربي الظنَّ
    (We have a good opinion of You [and hope for your mercy], O Lord!)
    فاستخدِمنا لك يا رب
    (So utilise us in Your service, O Lord!)
    استخدِمنا لك يا رب
    (Utilise us in Your service, O Lord!)
    هل من سائلٍ فأعطيَهُ
    (“Is there a supplicant, so that I grant him his wishes?”)
    يسألُنا الله
    (Allah asks us)
    سبحانهُ تعالى ما أكرمهُ
    (Glorified is He, how Generous He is!)
    جلَّ في عُلاه
    (Exalted is He)
    سبحان الله
    (Allah is Glorified)
    نسألُك هُدانا ... هُدانا
    ( We ask You to guide us ... to guide us!)
    فاقبلْ مولانا ... مولانا
    (So please accept us, our Lord … our Lord!)
    يا من تَسمعُنا و ترانا
    (You Who can hear and see us,)
    استخدِمنا لك يا رب
    (Utilise us in Your service, O Lord!)
    استخدِمنا لك يا رب
    (Utilise us in Your service, O Lord!)
    تمّمتُ دعائي لك ربي
    (I end my prayer to You, my Lord…)
    قائلا آمين
    (by saying, “Amen”)
    لا ريبَ أنك الواحدُ يا مُجيبي
    (There is no doubt that You are the Only One, O You who answers my prayers)
    لا سواكَ يُعين
    (None beside You can help me)
    قلتُها بيقين
    (I say this with all my conviction)
    Awakening Music is a subsidiary of the UK-based Deventi Group that has operational offices in both United States of America (USA) and Egypt.
    Awakening Music currently represents four artists: Maher Zain (Sweden), Humood (Kuwait), Mesut Kurtis (Macedonia), and Raef (USA). (Previously Sami Yusuf & Hamza Namira and Harris J among others).
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