Thriller - Series 1 - E07 - A Place to Die

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  • A newlywed couple moves to a village, where the husband takes over the medical practice, and soon becomes wary of the villagers strange ways,
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  • Tammy Trotter
    Tammy Trotter 5 أيام قبل

    I love these shows they are all good thank you matt

  • Tracey Pace
    Tracey Pace أشهر قبل

    Bad leg in a massive high heel haaaaa well funny crap accent

  • Patty Glenn
    Patty Glenn أشهر قبل

    Wow! Just wow! Reminded me of the movie, The Village.

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez أشهر قبل


  • dickie d butlerjr
    dickie d butlerjr 2 أشهر قبل

    richard chamberlaind /socktucker lol

  • TEMU Stephens
    TEMU Stephens 2 أشهر قبل

    Great movie 👍

  • Mary Curtis
    Mary Curtis 2 أشهر قبل

    my guess is the broken bone won't heal very well wearing high heels

  • Rose Budd
    Rose Budd 2 أشهر قبل

    The woman in the thumbnail looks like Karen Matthews 😂

  • Steve Charters
    Steve Charters 3 أشهر قبل +2

    Really bizarre that in this series the married couples never appear to have a sexual relationship - separate beds and poor communication skills: the usual warning signs. Perhaps if they did then the women wouldn't wind up in the dire straits they always seem to.

  • Brian Mac
    Brian Mac 3 أشهر قبل

    Bryan Marshall did the best with a bad lot there. Cheers Matt.

  • Fay Jones
    Fay Jones 3 أشهر قبل +1

    Really great thank you 😊

  • Fay Jones
    Fay Jones 3 أشهر قبل

    Now I know omg crazy people lol 😂

  • Fay Jones
    Fay Jones 3 أشهر قبل +2

    What happened to are lovely 😊 villages..UK

  • big bear fuzzums
    big bear fuzzums 3 أشهر قبل +1

    That was a good one!

  • big bear fuzzums
    big bear fuzzums 3 أشهر قبل +1

    A young Mr Godfrey from Dad's army!

  • big bear fuzzums
    big bear fuzzums 3 أشهر قبل +1

    What no shagging? All Americans shag in a new house with weird ppl around it be unamerican if we didn't!

  • cant144
    cant144 3 أشهر قبل +1

    Barbara Bach meets Twiggy

  • jo egleton
    jo egleton 3 أشهر قبل +5

    A heavily bandaged foot and wearing a high-heeled shoe? NO!!!

  • Lou Steinberg
    Lou Steinberg 3 أشهر قبل

    Just another Devil Worship film. What a Cult!!!(ls)

  • jennifer McDonald
    jennifer McDonald 3 أشهر قبل +3

    Are my eyes playing up or is her hair green? I love these old shows, thank you very much for uploading them

  • Al Baba
    Al Baba 3 أشهر قبل +2

    Can I have a large VaT please Dave.

  • Al Baba
    Al Baba 3 أشهر قبل +4

    Pointless to ask Nick questions dearie!

  • Harry Ford
    Harry Ford 3 أشهر قبل +7

    I'm waiting for them to bring out the wicker man.

  • Geowyn Leda
    Geowyn Leda 4 أشهر قبل +4

    I remember watching this one when it was first broadcast, I have been looking for it for years. Thank you so much for posting.

  • james webb
    james webb 4 أشهر قبل +2

    In all of these episodes I have seen to date. Husband and wife sleep in seperate beda , something the Brits rarely done. Is it to appease the Yanks, just like American actors star in most of the series.

    • big bear fuzzums
      big bear fuzzums 3 أشهر قبل

      The English beds are hdeous bomb them we sleep in one bed with a love spot in the middle of the bed!

    • big bear fuzzums
      big bear fuzzums 3 أشهر قبل

      Yes we must appease the Americans we have bombs bad tempers and willingness to use them on lesser mannered English!

  • lynne henderson
    lynne henderson 4 أشهر قبل +1


  • Linda K
    Linda K 4 أشهر قبل +11

    I enjoyed this movie so much... Carry on, you've all be doing very well. ( young Mr. Grace)

    • kittichord
      kittichord 2 أشهر قبل

      Thank you.. Mr. Grace....
      Terrific episode. One of my favorites.

  • Joanna Mucera
    Joanna Mucera 4 أشهر قبل +1

    Why can't the people in these movies simply mind their own business for one thing. Furthermore, I find the implications that the women are more ignorant and superstitious than the men to be abhorrent.Almost as much as the religious bigotry that permeates these stories. Don't get me wrong. These are my most favorite type of movies, but there should be a disclaimer at the start that illustrates that the stories are strictly for entertainment and that the ideology depicted is NOT representative of the old religions, but is in fact a one-sided uninformed point of view.

    • Paul Pallott
      Paul Pallott 2 أشهر قبل +1

      That's what keeps the women interesting

    • Steve Charters
      Steve Charters 3 أشهر قبل

      I agree - but if they minded their own business then there wouldn't be any story! Don't forget that this series is 50 years old and this is just how women were perceived and portrayed by men in those days. Think of it as historical research. I don't think a disclaimer is required: it's a given that fiction is entertainment and doesn't represent reality.

  • Joe Mary
    Joe Mary 4 أشهر قبل +2


  • Allison Halpin
    Allison Halpin 5 أشهر قبل +1

    A doctor mistakes a clearly real cloven hoof complete with HAIR THOROUGHLY COVERING the part of the leg he is looking at, saying that it's an "inbred deformity?" That made absolutely no sense, especially given the circumstances of the whole satanic ritual proceeding it. That ruined an already poor episode. The overall series is quite good. This episode was an exception.

  • cheryl Molchan
    cheryl Molchan 5 أشهر قبل +3

    Does the American wife have a German accent?

  • Wolf Girl Night
    Wolf Girl Night 5 أشهر قبل +12

    There were really gorgeous nightgowns from the 70's

  • Matilda Martin
    Matilda Martin 5 أشهر قبل +5

    Another great story line a wonderful plot !!!!!***

  • Hannah Riley
    Hannah Riley 6 أشهر قبل +4

    Is one of the actors from dad's army? Right quiet , softly spoken soldier, can't remember his name?!

    • Old Skool Fool
      Old Skool Fool 3 أشهر قبل +2

      Interesting fact: In Dads Army he played the meekest one yet he (the actor Arnold Ridley) saw the most grizzly combat of all of them serving in both World wars, numerous hand to hand fights in the trenches during WW1 rendered his left hand near useless, even receiving a bayonet wound in the groin (which is ironic when you think of Jones' catchphrase "cold steel, they don't like it up 'em"), with these injuries and his body riddled with Shrapnel he still went on to serve in WW2 then once he was demobbed he served in the real life home guard, a true hero

    • Grazia 123
      Grazia 123 5 أشهر قبل +3

      Hannah Riley: private Godfrey ♡♡

  • Denis Morissette
    Denis Morissette 6 أشهر قبل +4

    9:04: "It won't be longer than tomorrow". You have to watch the rest of the show to understand why... I would have married both of those blondes!!! They are "wonderful".

  • Denis Morissette
    Denis Morissette 6 أشهر قبل +5

    1:07:10: What kind of hoof? The doctor does not want to believe the policeman.

  • Denis Morissette
    Denis Morissette 6 أشهر قبل +9

    Only the British can make this look so creepy.

    • james webb
      james webb 4 أشهر قبل

      The same as in the UK.

    • Denis Morissette
      Denis Morissette 4 أشهر قبل

      Different contexts. Look in which ethnic communities most murders are committed in the US.

    • james webb
      james webb 4 أشهر قبل +1

      The English only play-act at murdering. The Americans are masters of doing it.

  • Teva Bruce
    Teva Bruce 6 أشهر قبل +2

    Fabulous episode.

    • Denis Morissette
      Denis Morissette 6 أشهر قبل +1

      "Marvelous" as a whole family said in the episode "Someone on the top of the stairs".

  • Mr Johnson
    Mr Johnson 7 أشهر قبل +4

    Thanks for sharing! 😉

  • Denis Morissette
    Denis Morissette 8 أشهر قبل +14

    'Marvelous' as a family was saying in a previous episode.

    • Jackie Marini
      Jackie Marini 3 أشهر قبل +1

      I just watched that one .😀

    • yugaman 23
      yugaman 23 7 أشهر قبل +2

      My favorite episode. When it aired years ago, my brother and I were constantly saying "marvelous" ... drove people crazy lol.

  • Fran Potter
    Fran Potter 9 أشهر قبل +7

    I think she graduated from the Thunderbird's Academy of Acting.

  • Gianna
    Gianna 9 أشهر قبل +8

    has a rosemary's baby theme about it. good episode.

  • Jan J
    Jan J 10 أشهر قبل +4

    8:57, the husband's emphasis on "Hello".

  • Wade Raney
    Wade Raney 10 أشهر قبل +2

    👍 as usual

  • tempo ratus
    tempo ratus 10 أشهر قبل +5

    the wife is so beautiful

  • Row Deo
    Row Deo 11 أشهر قبل +1

    1950 idea of twin beds, gal needs eyebrows, hard to imagine grown men and women acting in this play. So silly but I enjoyed the throw back!

    • truth matters
      truth matters 10 أشهر قبل +1

      and that rat tail bit of hair......

  • fylar crockley
    fylar crockley 11 أشهر قبل +3

    fur is murder

  • fylar crockley
    fylar crockley 11 أشهر قبل +2

    many thanks

    • victor101
      victor101 أشهر قبل

      Watchable but predictable.

  • Diane Vitale
    Diane Vitale 11 أشهر قبل +2

    I can appreciate others who enjoy this type of movie; just is not my thing.

  • Clive .L
    Clive .L 11 أشهر قبل +6

    Hadn't the double bed been invented in the UK in the 1970's? This was after the "swinging 60's. It looks so damn ridiculous to see all married couples in these episodes sleeping in single beds. It's a wonder the human race in the UK didn't become extinct during the 70's.

    • Gianna
      Gianna 9 أشهر قبل

      lol... i thought it was weird too. maybe it was just a british thing in the 70s america saw double beds in sitcoms.

  • Steve20127
    Steve20127 سنوات قبل

    Very silly indeed. Ooooo, Ar.....

  • Amazing Theatre
    Amazing Theatre سنوات قبل +4

    Sone of the worst acting I've ever seen in this but. I still enjoyed it!

  • Bette
    Bette سنوات قبل +3


  • Barbara Stepien-foad
    Barbara Stepien-foad سنوات قبل +2

    What a load of twaddle

  • Cali Den
    Cali Den سنوات قبل +1

    This was a strange one.....

  • David J
    David J سنوات قبل +4

    First five minutes in the film reminds me of John Steed and Emma Peel.

  • Patricia Llamas
    Patricia Llamas سنوات قبل +6

    Oh, the housekeeper's look at 08:05!!! So Annie Wilkes!!! (Kathy Bates in Misery) 😄

    • Patricia Llamas
      Patricia Llamas سنوات قبل

      @Cali Den Indeed she was!!! 😟😄

    • Cali Den
      Cali Den سنوات قبل +1

      She was creepy as hell.

  • Patricia Llamas
    Patricia Llamas سنوات قبل +2

    Cheers for the upload!!! 😊

    HOLLAND HENDRIX سنوات قبل +4

    Thank you for Sharing👍

    BLODWYN DAVIES سنوات قبل +9

    Lots of familiar faces in this episode, Mr Grace from are you being served and the Club owner from Miinder

    • Robert McElwaine
      Robert McElwaine 2 أشهر قبل +1

      @Vandal Savage I thought that was him. This is the only thing I've ever seen him in besides that.

    • Vandal Savage
      Vandal Savage 5 أشهر قبل +4

      And don't forget Godfrey from dad's army

    • David J
      David J سنوات قبل +1

      @Baby Bunny they walked into the Slaughtered Lamb. Lol stay off the moors