Tribes of Ethiopia

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  • Globalisation and development are impacting heavily on the tribes living in the Omo Valley. Human rights groups fear for their future if they are forced to scatter, give up traditional ways of living through loss of land or the ability to keep cattle.
    The Lower Omo Valley is a spectacularly beautiful area with diverse ecosystems including grasslands, volcanic outcrops, and one of the few remaining ‘pristine’ riverine forests in semi-arid Africa which supports a wide variety of wildlife.
    The annual flooding of the Omo River feeds the rich biodiversity of the region and guarantees the food security of the tribes especially as rainfall is low and erratic.
    They depend on it to practice ‘flood retreat cultivation’ using the rich silt left along the river banks by the slowly receding waters.
    They also practice rainfed, shifting cultivation growing sorghum, maize and beans on the flood plains. Some tribes, particularly the Kwegu, hunt game and fish.
    Cattle, goats and sheep are vital to most tribes’ livelihood producing blood, milk, meat and hides. Cattle are highly valued and used in payment for bride wealth.
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    This is ignorance and neclegence back home

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    beautiful people

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    Is it just me or are the roles being reversed in this TRIBE?!?! The women prepare the huts while the men do their hair 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

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    dont they have a bath how do they wash thier hair if they have clay on thier heads and how do they sleep with so many rings in thier ears 😂😂😂😂 thanks god i was not born here 😑😑

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    Wow this is a great video, African women are so beautiful 😻

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    Why was I being shown animals when the documentary said it was about Ethiopian tribes

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      Michael Crites LOL

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    Why do they have to go to school smh

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    Did he just say wild tribes of Africa😑

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      Daisy Mwangi
      I know right? He should've said tribes if Ethiopia

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    People from the Omo Valley are the indigenous inhabitants of what was called Ethiopia.
    The other tribes were indigenous to the Middle East I guess and later came to the Horn.
    They are the real Hamites and their remnats are also found in Uganda,Eastern Congo, Kenya,Tanzania

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      Those other tribes are descendants of the natives, too. They just bred with Middle Eastern people at some point

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    I’d love these Ethiopians could make my hair.

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    No pollution it's amazing, more simple life you live less pollution of earth occurs it seem

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      Yeah and 45°c is also good too?

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    Converting to Christianity is a Good thing

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      No it's not

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      @Dirty Icon but ethiopians are major players of Christianity since Jesus Christ Himself.

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      Fuk Christianity

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      Gainmaker1 agree

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    that baboon had a pork chop on his chest

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    Pure and True..

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    I wouldn't last one night

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      EvilHomerSimpson, I agree: the food; the geography; and the remote region nearly dropped me while viewing this video!

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      Oooooooo No Facebook... Got Ya...

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    Omg! Pathetic sound recording👎

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    _"Average life expectancy in ethiopia is 45 years"_ in which ethiopia? Where do you get your information? *The average life expectancy in Ethiopia is 63 years for men and 65 years for woman.*

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      How do you know she is 45 ? Because the commentator said so?

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      There is a lot of inaccuracies in the documentary

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      You need to rewatch the documentary....the life expectancy statement was not made for the general population but for the older lady tribe.. she was 40 and life expectancy in her trib was 45. I know you about to start a petition about

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      Dejan Stamenkovic well to be honest we don’t hate them but from our great ancestors experience, it’s kind of hard for us to be out here trusting Europeans

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      Do U hate Europians? From your writing,i think is yes

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    btw....@12:15...isn't the smell organ called "Jacobson's organ"?

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      The way he pronounced it is a common way of pronouncing “Jacobson”

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    Ethiopia is an underrated titan in African history. Ethiopians had to constantly defend their sovereignty from European imperialistic claws, from the British and then the Italians. For whom, the inspired forces of Menelik II dismantled in the now famed, battle of Adwa.
    Ethiopia embraced Christianity about the same time as it was beginning to spread in the Roman Empire. Ethiopia already had Christianity centuries before even the British and other modern European nations embraced it.
    Before, the overthrow of Emperor Haile Selassie by the Derg in the late 1970s, Ethiopia could boast of having one of the longest surviving monarchies, as the Solomonic line of succession in Ethiopia originated from a union between the King of Sheba and King Solomon all the way back in Biblical times.
    *Menelik II,* who was _Emperor of Ethiopia_ from 1889 to 1913, expanded the Empire of Ethiopia to its present-day reaches, and brought dozens of different ethnicities together under one state. He founded the capital city, Addis Ababa, and created the foundation of Ethiopia as it is today!
    The diversity of Ethiopia is astoundingly beautiful: Ethiopia is diverse not just in religion and ethnicities, but also in language. According to the Linguistic Diversity Index, Ethiopia is the 21st most linguistically diverse country worldwide.
    The Afro-Asiatic languages are the most spoken in Ethiopia, distantly related to Arabic and Hebrew. Semitic languages such as Amharic and Tigrinya are spoken. Also included within the Afro-Asiatic languages are the Cushitic languages like Oromo and Somali, along with the disputed Omotic grouping.
    There are even more language families. Nilo-Saharan languages such as Anuak and Nuer make up a large portion of languages in the southwest. Additionally, it is believed that there are some unstudied Bantu languages of the Niger-Congo family in southern Ethiopia. And a few language isolates exist.
    Thanks for reading!

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      @faggy poop Fuck you too🖕🏿😊

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      Well written, liked already after reading the first bulk.

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      I love Ethiopians.

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      Fuck you

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      ቬሮኒካ መላኩ: Thank you for all these pieces of information about Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. The documentary was pretty interesting and colorful too ;) I love wildlife and traditions from abroad

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    Good documentary but... I can say this is 1% ..... speaking over 75 different languages and Ethiopia is the tenth largest country in Africa, covering 439,580 square miles (1,138,512 square kilometers) more and more ....

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    Like they need any stupid religion !

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    Great Christianity Great work by Misssionaries. Idiot people they won't leave anybody to live in peace. Fuckers. Only agenda Conversion. Fuck Jesus

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    No native Boob? Boooo. Fail

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    One of a few nations in the Bible that still exist.

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      Marmalade Skyy Ethiopia definitely holds Christian culture

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      ?? Egypt still exist

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    Nice documentary on Ethiopians.

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      Those are not Ethiopians, they are Kenyans and South Sudanese! But they live Ethiopia. 😊😊