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  • Hello! We are making some funny things here!
    It's 12 cool and working anti-stress crafts for everyday use!
    All of them are made from simple things,
    every diy is a real fun,
    And I hope that you are so curious, that will try to make couple 😸
    So we are making together:
    - Anti-stress phone case with aquarium (you can watch and play with a fish inside, also this aquarium is kind of squishy)
    - Cute Slime with Amazing World of Gumball Makeover,
    - Absolutely mindblowing neverending Origami Game,
    - Spongebob Stress Reliever notebook,
    - Kawaii Milk Squishy,
    - Self-made Spinner in Adventure Time Style,
    - Summertime Zen Garden that makes you calm and teaches concentration
    - Endless Spider-Man Gift Card,
    - Emoji Changer with Grinch,
    - Amazing Paper Cube transformer,
    - Super easy and really helpful anti-stress baloons
    - Big Action Paper toy with Starfire from Teen Titans Go!

    Sending you all my best wishes and warmest hugs!
    💙 💜💙 💜💙 💜💙 💜💙 💜💙 💜💙 💜💙
    Next video this weekend!
    Have a great day!
    💛 💚💛 💚💛 💚💛 💚💛 💚💛 💚💛 💚💛
    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com
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