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  • I can't believe some of the things we bought...
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    I love it

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    when they went to the restaurant I realized that the pink Lexi ate a cherry but it was red...

  • Damian Smerekanycz
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    Are the pinks better be kids pig is cute a decide and pretty so are the third pink Black Swan

  • Xxlexiwolfxc Wolf
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    How much do ya think Ben lost of money

  • Xxlexiwolfxc Wolf
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    Me: Lexi slow down pink girl ya know
    Lexi:brown girl STARBUcKs!!!!!
    Lexi:pink girl Starbucks!!!!!

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    My dogs name is called Lexi

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    Donna cruz song

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    I love your videos you make

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    Technically red is one of the shades of pink

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    You are amazing 😍❣️😍😍 😍😍😍 😍😍😍 😍

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    I love your videos 😍❤️💓😍

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    Pink hair Lexi I’m following all of u on tik tok :name: not_vst

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  • NE - 04BJ - Churchill Meadows PS (1314)

    Lexi.H’s sksksksksk

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    Ar bofe girls cold lexey

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  • Faris Hossameldeen
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    Lexi lexi

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    I hv the same camera

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    Can you bay me a camara

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    Lexi riveri IS cute

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    you can take it of just buy some nail polish remover or just wait for YEARS

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    I was thinking it's brand channel but it's your

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    I made a joke we green it

  • jade natoli
    jade natoli أيام قبل

    Hey ben do you want my tv 😂

    K POP JELLYBEAN أيام قبل +1

    Was Ben wearing the same thing as Brent when he did the challenge?

  • Isabella Lopez
    Isabella Lopez أيام قبل

    2:20 T T T T T T -Target🎯

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    Thanks for your time. I love your video.

  • Aaliyah Temu
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    Who thinks that Lexi and Ben R a cute couple????
    Ben is so nice 4 buying Lexi a green phone only because,he knows that Lexi wants one.

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    I'm confused,which is one is who?with Lexi😕😕😕😕

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    I wonder where alexa is gonna put ALL her TV's

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    anyone wondering where they got the clothes from at brents house ?

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    Ben looks like a Bouger

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    Wie is it to Alex

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    Lexi could have gotten a steak with pink in it or a burger with pink in it!🤣

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    poop poop poop poop pooop

  • Aashvi Chauhan
    Aashvi Chauhan أيام قبل

    Lexi “you can buy fake money “ lol 😝

  • Aashvi Chauhan
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    Lexi and Lexi have like the same laugh 😂

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    A TV

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    Lexi 's Pink

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    Dooooooooooood I love you so much

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    Do you like I love you so really great make sure because school on Netflix I mean ARclip ARclip I didn’t go to Roblox please see Santa so baby girl Lola

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    Ben just put nail remover

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  • Faris Hossameldeen
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  • Faris Hossameldeen
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    Xbox is green

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    Lexi H could have gotten a cake pop from Starbucks

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    He have à boy frend ❤😁

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    I think the best colour is pink

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    I have everything all of you have! I have. A pink suitcase,camera,iPhone,TV,shoes and the rest of the things

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    Bend could buy green Gatorade you should buy green Gatorade but if you don't like it sorry